The Importance of Feedback & Appraisal

Hello my name is Jessica and I am looking forward to learning all there is to know about performance appraisal and feedback. I am interested in acquiring knowledge on how to build a relationship with others to be able to be effective when I perform this task with them. It can be challenging to tell someone their strengths and weaknesses without damaging the relationship.

I believe communication is key to be able to succeed in helping others improve their abilities. I have been in the Mental Health field for over 10 years and I have experienced this with my supervisors.Some of them were sensitive while others were simply rude.

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Indeed, their opinion and assessment had an effect on my work. I want to learn to be effective. The three things I wanna learn in this class is first, the ability to accept other people’s constructive criticism without offense; second learn to be effective in my work so and make sure I do not disappoint myself or others; and third, I wanna increase my awareness on how I use this skills so I can make sure I am doing it correctly.Is all a learning process.

I must admit my academic performance have always been positive and most of my professors encourage me to continue my focus of being a successful business woman. My goal is to establish my own investment company and hire others. I enjoy team building and working effectively to promote good work ethics, stability, and establish healthy relationships.

Owning a business is challenging but if I use the proper tools, the company will be successful.I have been seen how people use this skill of feedback and appraisal to help others improve their performance at work, school, at home, and other places. It can be challenging when is used on people that are against others giving their opinion; they become defensive. It can also go well with others that take advantage of it to change what it needs to be changed so they can be better and more effective. We all have different personalities so this makes it very challenging but at the same time it can be rewarding.I have received over the years good and bad feedback followed with a positive appraisal. It has helped me in improving my work performance and succeed in my career.

Academically, I have always been very dedicated and enjoy learning. The one feedback that was effective to help me perform successfully was the opinion of others that I am very intelligent, committed, fair, and possess great communication skills . One of the feedback that has always been a challenge for me to accept and change is my inability to handle stress properly.I must admit I work well under pressure/stressed. However, is not healthy to get like this because others around me can sense it and see it all over my face. I am always trying to hide it but is part of my personality so it is very hard. I do good work and have no problems building positive relationships but I need to work on feeling comfortable when others assess my challenging moods.

I am looking forward to becoming an expert in this topic and share my opinions with other classmates.

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