Importance of Biodiversity

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Last updated: March 10, 2019

The importance of biodiversity is being more widely recognized as increasing numbers of species come under threat. What can be done to maintain biodiversity? What caused by humans such as global warming, climate change, deforestation, environmental pollution,…engenders the loss of biodiversity.

It is too big factor to ignore and requires immediately possible solution to preserve biodiversity. As a citizen of the globe, I put forward two ideas to halt biodiversity loss. Firstly, People must stop deforestation action right now.As you know, tropical rainforest are the areas of the richest biodiversity in our planet, providing the environment living for millions of different species plants and animals. Moreover, rainforest plays an important role in sinking the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere which is extremely useful to prevent climate change. In order to do this, government should bring stronger methods in fight against deforestation.

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Secondly, stop climate change is what we must do to maintain biodiversity. Many species of plants or animals is going to extinction because It is almost impossible for them to adapt to the rapid change of climate.So, I think every individual should care for ecology and protect it by actions as: taking shorter shower, using a plain old fan or ceiling fan instead of air conditioning, bringing reusable bag to the grocery store,… all of these contribute to preserve energy which we depend on, impacting in ecology. In conclusion, It is time to face and accept reality and do something meaningful for a change. The biodiversity loss is the one that effect our future generation the most, and even put our future survival in this planet in great jeopardy.Some people think school should only teach student academic subject.

Others think school should also teach student how to discriminate between right and wrong. Discuss and give your opinion. The issue of training program in school has been debated widely. Some people think school should only teach student academic subject.

Others believe that school should also teach student how to discriminate between right and wrong. On the one hand, people who advocate of the former may support their idea that It is enough to serve the purpose of learning for student.Firstly, in their thought, school is where student is taught academic subject as math, literature, history,…provides essential knowledge that they need in an exam to achieve a good result. Secondly, concentrating deep into academic subject will be also useful for their future career because the degree of lore is the one that play important role the most to gain an expected job. On the other hand, there is a huge number of opposite thinker who considered the teaching student how to discriminate should be also available in school.This could be explained by following reason. School has profound influence on shaping student’s personality. In the modern life, parents sometime over pay attention to their job, forget educating their children, therefore, it is extremely necessary to teach student about right and wrong.

In addition, a good citizen has full of education, be useful toward society must be the one that has both lore and moral. To sum up, I totally agree with the latter for the above reasons. School is not only where gives student knowledge, but also is where everyone is learned to be human.School should concentrate on teaching student academic subject that will be useful for their future career. Subject such as music and sports are not useful. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Nowadays, Education is a question of vital importance toward the development of country and gets many cares from the vast majority of the general public. Some people consider school should concentrate on teaching student the academic subject that will be useful for their future career.

Subject such as music and sports are not useful.In my opinion, I do not advocate for following reasons: Firstly, according to many recent studies that music provides the type of emotional, creative and expression development that benefit from throughout their lives. Involving in music leads to positive and social effect. Surprisingly, music education not only brings to student the academic benefits, but also the practical benefits. A Columbia university study revealed that student in music program scored higher on both math and English standardized test than student who received no music classes. Secondly, although sports are not an academic subject, he importance of it is still appreciated as highly as others.

The WHO reported a positive impaction that physical education brings the feeling of connection to their school, the aspiration of young people, the extent to which positive social behaviors exist within shool and the development of leadership and citizenship skills. In short, there are many important other skills that young people need to improve beside academic subject. In conclusion, the advantages of music and sports engendering above show that It is necessary to educate student not only about intelligence, but also spirituality and constitution.


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