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Write one or two paragraphs in each section. Include citations for your sources. Documents| Summary | What was its influence on the Constitution? | Magna Carta | King John wrote the first constitution in European history which states laws and rules for this county. It was signed 1215 for the England’s elite classes. The magna carter brought an end to the absolute power of English sovereigns. The magna carter influence on the constitution was American Bar Association occasionally gathers at Runnymede, Surrey, where it was originally signed, to pledge allegiance to its principles.

It inspired American colonists a few hundred years later to declare independence from the British. | Mayflower Compact| The mayflower compact was signed 1620. The constitution which as the may flower were formed equality, that everyone was created the same. | The mayflower influence on the constitution was its laws for everyone to be treaded equality. Articles of Confederation| The Articles of Confederation was agreed by congress in 1777. | | Northwest Ordinance| | | Declaration of Independence| It is an artical which states our country is not ruled by great Britain. | | Philosophers| Who was this? | How did his writings influence the Constitution? | Thomas Hobbes|Thomas Hobbes was a man that believes in nature natural law during the 1700s.

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| He established a strong argument about separation of his religion and state. | John Locke| John Lock was a political philosopher which he was a strong impenattied person. Many of john political ideas on natural rights were later put in the constitution of the united states| Selected patriots| Who was this? | What were his views on governmental structure as related to the social compact? | Benjamin Franklin| Benjamin Franklin Was one of the seven key founding fathers of the united states. The term “founding father was coined by warren.

g. handing. | | Alexander Hamilton | | | Patrick Henry| Patrick Henry was the governor of Virginia. | Henry was a strong impregnated person . which he was known for his famous saying “Give me liberty or give me death”. Thomas Jefferson| Thomas Jefferson was a secretary for George Washington. | Jefferson became the third president of the united states. | Comparison| | How did the views of Hamilton and Jefferson compare and contrast? | | | Hamilton and Jefferson was federalist, one was anit-federalist which both had their different options’ on views and poetics on how American should be development.

| What is the Magna Carat. (2013). Retrieved from http://www. history. com/news/ask-history/what-is-the-magna-cara? cmpid=Outbrain_HITH_HITH_&obref=obnetwork


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