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Last updated: May 10, 2019

The Canon McMillan School District Middle School has a very informative website for parents and students. The News & Information section contains topics such as: McTeacher Night, School-Home Communication, Smoking Prevention, On Demand Homework Help, and Library/Media Center Website. Contact information for the administration and teachers can be found with pictures of key staff. There are links to the student handbook, cafe, principal corner and calendar.

The Teachers Webpages will connect you to your student’s academic team.The News & Information section is cumulative; you can find current activities as well as information that were posted in the fall. Each topic provides a brief description with some having a link to more information. The link to the Library/Media Center has book reviews, book club updates, and special reports on library activities. Those that do not have a link provide bullet points or a brief factoid. The links on the left side of the website cover topics from the student handbook to the music department.The calendar has dates underscored that have specific school activities associated with them.

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The student resource section includes opportunities for students to get more involved in extra activities. The link for staff will provide you with contact information and the subject they teach. The Teachers Webpages sections will take you to your student’s assigned academic team. There are pictures of the facility so you can put a face to the name. When you click on the picture you are taken to information specific to that team.

On the right side of the page are links to the textbooks used in each subject. The Canon McMillan Middle School website offers parents and students the opportunity to stay connected with the academic process. In addition to the Middle School specific information there are links to district information such as the school board and employment. The Parents Links connects you to PowerSchool, My Lunch Money and other tools for parents to access financial resources. With the school district going green the website provides the information for a well-rounded middle school experience.


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