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Informative Speech Outline General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform Students about The Keep-A-Breast Organization Central Idea: I’d like to inform students about The History of Keep-A-Breast Organization, Who the Keep-A-Breast Organization is, and how they get young adults interested in Prevention of Breast Cancer. Introduction I.

Breast Cancer. An uncontrolled growth of breast cells referring to a malignant tumor that has developed from cells in the Breast. In 2010, an estimated 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U. S. along with 54,010 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.

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By a show of hands how many of you know someone who’s had or still has Breast cancer? How many of you have been involved or wanted to get involved with breast cancer awareness II. Keep-A-Breast Organization is a great way to get involved to get young adults aware of Breast Cancer and how to prevent the disease III. I Started Volunteering with Keep-A-Breast in the middle of 2009 after I found out about this non Profitable organization at Warped Tour 2009.

In my past I have dealt with losing two amazingly strong women in my life; My Great Grandmother, and my Boss Ellen.I have always been interested in Breast Cancer Awareness and what ways I could help out. IV. Today I am going to inform you on The History of Keep-A-Breast, Who the Organization really is, and how they get young adults interested in Prevention of Breast Cancer.

Body I. The History of Keep-A-Breast A. In 2000, two Women, Shaney jo Darden and Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig founded The Keep A Breast Foundation in response to the growing need for breast cancer awareness programs to educate young people.

1. Due to the demand needed for breast cancer awareness programs to educate young people. .

Both Darden and Gehrig had an amazing expertise in Fashion Design, photography, and event production 3. They Created a awareness campaign like no other using the power of art to communicate to the world about health and the female form, and ultimately about breast cancer. B. KAB has produced fundraising events throughout the U. S. , Canada, Australia, and Europe 1. On behalf of more known organizations throughout the world. C.

KAB has touched base with some of Today’s most progressive artists, celebrities, and athletes and has shown their dedication at various events. 1.Sheppard Fairey, Dita Von Tesse, pro surfers Lisa Anderson and Layne Beachley, musicians Tom Delonge of Angels and Airwaves, Katy Perry, Pink, Maya Ford of the Donnas, The Foo Fighters and many more.

Transition: As a Result, The History of KAB is quite amazing; But, who exactly is Keep-A-Breast? II. Who KAB really is. A. Choosing Keep-A-Breast as the organizations name. 1. The name was different, understandable, and related to breast cancer prevention. B.

abreast means to stay up to date with latest news and information. 1. KAB strives to keep up with the latest news on breast cancer . Once the world knows the knowledge of breast cancer, you have the power to reduce breast cancer, hence keep abreast. Transition: Therefore the name has a true meaning. In transition, the name is not the only reason to get involved.

III. How does KAB keep young adults interested in Prevention of Breast Cancer. A. KAB Art Events Program 1.

Combining sculpture, philanthropy, and symbolic artistry, a KAB Art Event exhibits one-of-a-kind plaster forms of the female torso’s, customized by artists and auctioned off to raise funds for KAB’s breast cancer awareness programs. 2.Castees and artists who participate in this specific event become Role models of people across the world. B. Music for the Awareness programs 1. Gives Bands a chance to throw their own fundraiser for KAB in their community and raise awareness about the cause.

C. KAB “I Love Boobies! ” Campaign 1. a Unique campaign that develops a new approach and positive style of communication of breast cancer. 2. Meant to encourage young people to target their health. 3.

T-Shirts and Bracelets are just an act for an awareness-raising tool, allowing young people to engage in conversations about the issue at hand and bring a positive upbeat to it.Conclusion I. Breast Cancer is a very emotional, yet scary subject to discuss with anyone; and with KAB, they have a specific mission to eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection, and support.

II. Thus, why I have shared with you today The History of KAB, Who they really are, and how they keep young adults interested in the prevention of breast cancer. III. I hope that by me giving you this information about Keep-A-breast you will want to join the cause and help spread the word to Keep-A-Breast.


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