Informative Speech Outline. Three Rules for Web Startups

Three Rules For Web Startups Topic: Web Startups General purpose: to inform. Specific purpose: to inform my audience about the three rules for successful realization of the web startups. Thesis statement: Each great successful company once was just a little startup. INTRODUCTION Attention getter: One-well known, respected man, Larry Ellison, who is a American business magnet and co-founder Oracle, once said: ”See things in the present even if they are in future”. Credibility material: Two year ago my friend made his first internet journal. He was a good programmer, but he did not know how to make a popular web startup.Now he knows enough.

As he says, “If you want to learn how to do something, do it”. Relevance material: That’s why if you have a killer idea and want to have success on the web, you should know this few simple rules. Thesis statement: Each great company once was just a little startup. Preview: At first I will describe the situation on the modern web. Then I will inform you about three helpful rules for web startup.

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Finally I will tell you how to realize your idea, even if you know noting about web development. Let’s explore the modern web world. BODY . The situation on the modern web.

A. The main things what you need to make successful web startup today. B. The successful web – startups in 2012. 1.

Like-A-Hug the Facebook jacket gives you a hug with every like. 2. Birchbox is the best way to discover new beauty products and buy with confidence. Now, that we have explored the situation on the modern web, let’s examine the main rules of web business. . There are three main rules, which will help you in the realization of the web startup. A.

“Be Different! ” You should have a killer product. B. “Be Narrow! ” Focus on the smallest possible problem you can solve.C. “Be User-Centric! ” You should have as much as possible information about users.

All these rules help you to make a killer and popular product, but now let’s look at the technical part. III. Technical part, as a heart of every modern startup, needs to be elegant, simple and agile. A.

The small, passionate team can generally accomplish more than an army. B. If you have an idea, but don’t know how to make site, you can create it in 1 click! Nowadays it’s easy to find free website builders. Finally, let’s sum up what we have discovered/learned about web startups CONCLUSIONSummary: Now you know the simple things and the helpful rules, which you can use to make a web startup right today. Restated thesis: As you know each company with the billion incomes once was just a little startup, so don’t be afraid to start your own web business.

Clincher: Think about your own ideas, prove and realize them. Maybe, we will see you in the next Forbes issue tomorrow.WORKS CONSULTED 1. http://www.

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