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Now as fellow students I am sure you guys have woken up with some kind of bug bites in the morning. Along with these bites you get you probably think they’re just spider bites, but you wouldn’t think is that they could be bed bug bites. First, we will talk about how bed bugs seek out people and animals in their homes. Then, we will get into what harm can happen when a bed bug bites you. Then lastly, we will get into how you can get rid of these critters if you ever find them in your home. I.

So first we will talk about how bed bugs seek out people and animals in their homes. A. They generally are in our mattress, so they tend to wait until night when we are all asleep in our beds. 1. Now this coming from the HEALTH DAY CONSUMER NEWS SERVICE, in San Francisco the reports of bed bug infestations doubled between 2004 and 2006.

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Along with Toronto which went up 100% in a 6 month period in 2002 and then there was Austria which went up 400% during 2001 to 2004. Now that we know about how the bugs seek out people and animals let’s move onto the harm their bites can have.II. What harm can happen when a bed bug bites you during your sleep. A. Bed bugs are blood feeding insects in which they inject their saliva into your skin during their bite. 1.

After several bites you will tend to get sensitive to the saliva which can lead to some mild allergic reactions to it as well. B. Now according to the April 1, 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, studies go on to show that the bites turn red like mosquito bites but evidence shows they do not go on to transmit any disease of any kind with their bites. . Dr. Richard DeShazo from the University of Mississippi Medical Center, reviewed around 50 studies in the last 50 years and his results showed about only half of the people show signs of a bite. HEALTH DAY CONSUMER NEWS SERVICE Since we just covered the harm the bugs bites can have let’s go onto how we can get rid of them if we see them in our mattress or clothing. III.

Now if we do have them, here is how to get rid of them. A.You can actually see these critters if you lift up the seam part of your mattress so you can clearly see if u have theses critters and see if you need to clean it. 1.

Now the way u kill these pesky little critters is by cleaning the mattress or clothing with some hot water. In conclusion there is really no reason to be afraid of these blood feeding critters because they do not transmit any disease and cause little harm. So if you ever see any in your mattress clean it out or ask for another room if you are in a hotel, so you don’t have any worries at all.

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