Inidividual Oral Presentation

Presentation Topic: Symbolism in the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Julius Caesar.

” Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colours used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. Symbolism, in literature is used to provide meaning to the writing beyond what is actually described. Symbolism is used to enhance the story. It takes the story to a different level. A very common example of Symbolism is the occurrence of a storm during a critical point or during a fight. The storm might symbolise the unrest.Transition from night to day or from winter to summer or from a storm to clear sunny morning may symbolise movement from evil to goodness or the start of a new life or despair to hope.

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Flowers symbolise beauty. In the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” there is extensive use of symbolism. In the start of the play when Blanche DuBois comes searching for Elysian Fields she tells Eunice “ They told me to take a streetcar named Desire, and then transfer to one called Cemeteries and ride six blocks and get off at – Elysian Fields! This line from scene one of the play symbolises that her desire to be young again will lead her to cemeteries in other words death. In scene 10 of the play, when Blanche and Stanley begin to fight, Blanche begins to imagine things. Menacing and grotesque shadows being to form on the wall around Blanche.

These shadows and lurid reflections move sinously along the wall as flames along the wall. She starts hearing inhuman voices like cries in the jungl

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