Inner Echo (Say No to Violence!)

Inner Echo We live in a world that irascibility has become a character trait. Many times it results in verbal or even physical violence. Therefore, here is the image of the world we live in – one dominated by anger and agitation. Violence developed in family, even if it’s verbal or physical creates an unfavorable environment for children and teens. Children who are raised in this kind of homes may learn to repeat the same family patterns by becoming themselves abusers.

So many of them because of their previous experiences and frustrations will act out their rage in violent ways against objects, animals or even people, thus becoming real “public dangers” of society. But when family can’t offer the young all the reliance he needs, the moral and ethical support lays inside him. Education and self-education are the elements capable to assure a well-balanced life to any young. These elements help us to understand that giving a decent answer to those who offend or throw insults at us is a proof of intelligence.Intelligence has nothing to do with the “law of fist”. You demonstrate your justice peacefully without making use of any type of violence.

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It’s not easy to listen to somebody with patience and understanding and not everybody can do that, but the one who succeeds can proudly call himself a role model of citizen. Consequently, violence itself is not a solution to resolve our problems but it seems that people don’t learn from their past mistakes or from history which show that violence leads to more violence.Throughout the history there are many examples which tell what happens when people who let themselves driven only by their basic instinct commit unbelievable acts. The two World Wars, the Holocaust, the assassination of supporters of peace or the acts of terrorism are examples which underline how much violence exists in mankind.

People should realize that violence has become a critical social issue and the way we could tackle this problem depends on how willing we are to show tolerance and understanding towards the others without judging the social, racial or religious differences.I strongly believe we can eliminate or diminish this useless feature from our behavior either learning it in family, at school or by self-education. The words that cross my mind now and which I heard from a family friend a long time ago sound like this: “I don’t feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use”.



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