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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a word processor designed by Microsoft. It was first realeased on 1931 and eversince had not stopped from upgrading from time to time. Its main objective is to help people produce professional looking content in an easier and faster way. For people who are familiar with the succeeding versions of MS word, it would be easy for them to learn and follow the new features of the lastest MS word, which is 2007. However, to those who are not, its not a problem for MS word has a user-friendly interface and easy to learn concepts.MS word contains many helpful features. Some of the fundamental quilities it possess are the text editor, character and paragraph formatting, page formatting, bullets and numbering, layout options and some other  basic commands that can be learned even if you don’t have a backround on computer literacy. MS word also enables us to edit tables and templates, which makes it easier in compiling and comparing raw data.

If you’re somewhat creative in your reports, MS word also allows you to put images and wordarts that are very flexible with the kind of format and style you want. Its ability to let you format even the measurement of the margins, the size of the paper used and the reference style that you prefer makes its more wonderful to those who are very careful with details.One of the latest feature that distinguish MS word 2007 from the rest is its ability to adopt to common file types, which makes it seem like MS word is a universal document opener. Regarding the type of audience this application might captivate, anyone who has passion in using technology and prefers to work more conveniently will surely be delightful in using MS word. However, people who doesn’t have much knowledge on computer might find it hard to adopt to this application especially the latest one for they might get lost in the learning process.

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It is better that they start using the earlier versions (2003) before they proceed to the latest (2007) to avoid miscommunication since MS word might be complicated in the eye, but is completely easy to understand.However, people who have special abilities, for instance, those who have mental disorders might find it impossible to adopt to this system. People who specifically have dyslexia, cerebral palsy, autism, and others that require hand-eye coordination.

People who have mild physical problems like color blindness, near/farsightedness, etc. might only have a slight problem in adopting to this software, unlike the people who have disabilities do. Though theres a slight chance that they can learn, but it would be better if the program would be downgraded a little bit to be able for the users to reach its level of understanding. I assume it is better to suggest the (2003) version os MS word to people who have mental disorders for it is a simpler program and contains leass complicated commands. When dealing with people who have mental disorder, it is better to present them with a simpler idea for any stress in their mind might trigger their disorder. I thikn the best way learn MS word is to read instructions and learn on your own, because it is better if you will take a look on it on your own. However, if there’s a chance that MS word is in need to be modified, I guess the new toolbar should somehow be simpler, with fewer and more specific choices.

The icons and commands should also be a bit more easily understood. Like for example, using pictures that are more understandable and specific for icons so that it is easier for them to tell what the function of that icon is.On the other hand, people who possess mental disorders are not the only one who might have a problem with the program.

People who are computer illiterate might also find this a hindrance in making a more convincing paper. As a solution to this problem, I suggest to first teach the person the basics about computer. It is also suggestible to use an easier version of MS word, specifically the 2003 version for it is more user friendly with its command and interface. Then after that can they introduce the 2007 for better comprehension.MS word 2007 is by far the best that Microsoft released. Being the best as of today, it really proves its rank by providing quility paper that are easy to use by the audience. I think it is so much better that MS word 2007 should stay the way it is for it already provide us the most convenient way of writing.

It is advisable that we exert out best effort to learn the specifics of this program because it is also us who will greatly benefit from it. 


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