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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Internet is a very valuable tool that has become indispensable in this technology era.

The internet provides convenient access to educational resources and other materials which may help the youth boost its productivity. It also allows the youth to a rich international scope in terms of circles of friends and diversity of experience through online correspondence. It has therefore a very positive impact on the youth because if used wisely it can help them get access to useful materials that will help them. However, spending too much on the internet may eventually be detrimental to the productivity of its users, the young generation being the majority.

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In the United Kingdom it has been argued that social networking sites such as Facebook could be costing the businesses as much as 132 million pounds a day in lost time. In an article on How the Internet Affects Productivity, it says that according to a survey conducted in 1995, 70 percent of U.S.

managers felt that using the Internet increases labor productivity, while 15 percent felt that it decreases labor productivity (Hayes, 1995). Opposite claims have been presented by Gartner Group, which estimates that U.S. businesses lose as much as 26 million man-hours a year to online game playing by employees (Anon. 1998).

There have been a lot of concerns because as these figures are coming up in all sectors and economies as employees spend time on sites not related to their work.Productivity may be in many forms and does not necessarily have to be in terms of man hours. The young generation forms a big percentage of the working class citizens and if the trend is not contained then there will be more loss in terms of man hours. Another form of productivity is in their school work and also contribution to the families. The young generation being the future of any economy, their productivity is therefore very important to the survival of any society.Time is a very important aspect in productivity and when wasted it lessens the productivity of an individual and the company as a whole.

The young generation is wasting a lot of time in the social networks and browsing other sites that are not related to their job description and with some chatting away most of their work hours. One might argue that as long as one performing at their work places then where is the harm. Internet can be very addictive and with time one will find himself logging in the social sites and this will have an effect on their productivity as concentration on the job lowers and also the less time is spent on office matters.Productivity is not only limited to work but also the brain power. Internet has liberalized the education sector by making education more accessible by E-learning. Also there are a lot of research materials available online and this boosts research. If the youth spends a lot of time on the social networks instead of studying then their education will be affected and ultimately their contribution to the society will go down as they won’t get the necessary skills to help them become productive members of the society. Education is very important because it shapes the students future and so the young generation may not utilize their abilities to the maximum and as a result their contribution to the society is lowered.

 The young generation is also at risk of negative influences on the internet such as pornography and online gambling. In every social setting whether virtual or physical there is always the element of bad influence among the peers. With the easy access to such sites and the lack of physical authentication of age, it then becomes very alarming when the young people spend too much time on the internet. There are cases of young people addicted to online pornography or gambling which lowers their productivity because they spend most of their productive time in these sites which add no value to their lives. Once the habit develops then it will be difficult dealing with it even at a later stage in life and this will affect the person’s productivity.Networking is very important because it encourages the sharing of ideas which can help the youth to advance.

However it is highly unlikely that the youth spend time sharing important information on the internet. Most of them just use it to catch up on the current affairs and events in their life which is mostly personal matters. It therefore does not add value to their productive lives as most of the issues are relationship issues and other social matters which has no productive value to the society.

One may argue that it helps the youth to keep off negative thoughts and behaviors such as crime because they spend most of their time surfing indoors. However this may even make the young generation social misfits because they are normally socialize virtually and so most do not have social skills. This may eventually be a problem because they will not be able to fit in their places of work and therefore will affect their productivity.Many organizations are now being forced to block such sites because of the negative impact they are having on productivity. It is therefore important that great measures should be taken to limit the time the young generation is spending on these social sites as it is lessening their productivity and their contributions to the society as a whole. Socialization is very important especially to the youth but the time spent on it should be controlled so as they can spend their time more productively which will benefit them and the society as a whole.


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