Interracial Families

Marriages between people of a different race have grown immensely over the last few decades. This has also given the view point of the children that come out of these interracial marriages a whole different outlook than of the children several decades ago. In this article it states that from 1970 to 2000 the number of interracial families actually quadrupled to 3. 4 million. This being forced to be accepted and become okay with society that marrying that of another race was not wrong, and something that should never be questioned. The change in peoples attitudes towards this subject helped the change immensely.

The article states “Once you learn that the people aren’t as different as you think they are, the fear goes away. ” This quote is proven through the story of Sandra and Steven and how life as a married interracial couple went about. Sandra and Steven both had a lot in common and that is what mattered most to them is that they both enjoyed doing the same activities.

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This was stated at the beginning of their relationship, however unfortunately they had one huge concern, they were both of a different race and knew their families would have a hard time excepting them together as a couple.Sandra being black and Steven being white, had caused them to hide their relationship for the first couple of months. Their even bigger fear was having children and the fear of them not being accepted as individuals or even a family as a whole. These fears were proven when classmates of theirs actually started to avoid them because they were an interracial couple and even Steven’s father told him this would limit his career. Eventually when they did marry, the families came around. Except Steven’s uncle who refused to let them into the house.When they finally married and had kids, Sandra was often questioned if she was the nanny just because she was black.

Ending on a positive note, Sandra and Steven sent their children to a private school where they were accepted. Sandra states how different this generation is, and how skin color doesn’t matter like the way it used to. This article caught my eye quite quickly. I personally cannot stand racism and any controversy over dating someone of another race.

Everyone is human and we are all the same no matter what skin color we have. Skin color is othing but pigment and is only seen by the eye.It’s unfortunate that people have and sometimes to this day still do judge people and put them into a certain stereotype just because of the color of their skin. This article really showed the horrible sides of an interracial marriage and the fear that is wrapped up in it.

Thankfully the outcome was a good one and the kids were accepted as they should be being multiracial. It really is amazing how much the acceptance of interracial marriages has grown as it and should continue to be accepted even more in decades to come.

Author: Gwendolyn Tucker


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