Is Peace Possible?

sIs peace possible? Tyler kluempke Period 1 05/15/10 “Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never paid heed to human desires and ideals “(Bernard Guertzman).

War is a part of nature like plants and animals. Ever since the dawn of humanity war has broken out between people. “The world is filled with war, terrorism, turmoil, and confusion”(Ralph B. Levering). Life itself is A clamber. It is just a huge scramble between people’s soul ,nation , and stratum. It takes shape as social, political, economic, and military composition.

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Peace is just not possible in the present day. Humans are competitive and power-hungry by nature . Everyone strives for power to reign, to work ones advantage , or to progress ones opinion of what is just in the world. When people are deprived from that right , the ultimatum is normally violence. Peace is such a huge thing to ask for. There can be peace between a region or state , but not world wide .

Peace is a word that describes a society or a relationship that operates harmoniously or has the absence of all hostility .All wars ever fought have all had either a economic, opinionated, religious, un-humane, and independence related drive behind it. For there to be peace in the world , humanity will have to get rid of all religion, money, weapons, power, independent thought, and distribute all resources to everyone evenly.

This is just realistically impossible . All nations of the world are currently at war, preparing for war, or are now recovering from war. As of only 1960, it was recorded that there have been over 14,600 wars/conflicts around the world.As fellow historian David C. Pack quotes, “Men seem to invariably go to war in search of peace . But , the outcome of war usually involves a truce, but it always fails to yield permanent peace. “.

Also as quoted by Georges Clemenceau, the French statesman during world war 1 “I don’t know whether war is an interlude during peace ,or peace in an interlude during war” . Some historians believe that for there to be peace , then we must have one unified state . This state would never work. Who would run it?What type of government would it be ? Communist? Capitalist? There is just too many things that could go wrong and its impossible to please everybody, this is also after we pretend there wont be any crazy power-hungry rebellion leaders that would do anything for power . If this state was initiated then there would still be violence, it would just be not referred as war . Historian David C. Pack said “If the world existed as a unified state , wars would likewise be referred to as uprisings.

Violence would still continue…” .Another historian Sun Myung Moon thinks he has found a solution, it is called the Bering strait project . It is a huge tunnel that would connect all of the regions of the world together to promote free trade around the world ,”This bridge can help make the world a single community at last. Some may doubt such a project can be completed, but where there is a will, there is always a way—especially if it is the will of God.

The science and technology of the 21st century render it possible to construct a tunnel under the Bering Strait. . There are many flaws in this though. First of all it is estimated construction will cost $200 billion for the tunnel and up to $400 billion for rail links. Second of all , what will stop a crazy dictator from taking control of the tunnels . This is a great idea in theory, but this will just cause more trouble and violence then it will solve.

Theoretically peace can be achieved by humanity , but in reality it is impossible too meet all of the demands to make permanent peace possible .It has proven time and time again throughout history that will always fight and crusade for what they believe in and for what they need to survive. There is nothing that could stop war and violence from coming, especially with the dwindling natural recourses of the earth. Peace is the one unreachable goal humanity has. I not against peace in any way , it is just inordinate to believe that every single person in the world can live in harmony.

Maybe sometime in the future there may be peace, but In the present day its inconceivable .

Author: Charlie Rodgers


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