Israel Position Paper

Israel Position Paper Since 1948 Israel-Palestine issue has been a problem for the international community. Israel was founded after the end of world war two. Ever since there have been problems for several reasons. When Israel was founded the Arab countries did not accept the sovereignty of the new country.

Also the Palestinians were in disagree, because although there were over British control that was their land. That is why they should have their own sovereign state ruled by Palestinians. By creating a Palestinian state several of the Middle East issues could be solved.

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One of the major problems between these two sides is the West Bank and Gaza Strip occupation. Israel has taken this territory as theirs since the 6-day war. From that time on Israel has build and grow its population about 220,000 (In a Nutshell: Israeli Palestinian Conflict P.

2). This has been mostly in the West Bank. As a result Palestinians insist withdrawal from the territory. In the Camp David Accord Israel agreed on giving full Palestinian control over the Gaza Strip and most of the West Bank.These would certain conditions such as: The state would not have an army with heavy weapons and Israel would lease areas in the Jordan Valley or maintain temporary sovereignty over them for up to 25 years.

Palestinians rejected this treaty. Another huge problem is the concern about the Palestinian refugees. The problem about the refugee comes from the Israeli War of Independence in 1948. Israel won this war so about 756,000 Palestinians fled or were exiled from their homes. And again in 1967 there were a lot of refugee. Nowadays there are about 4 million Palestinian refugees (The Palestine Refugee Problem p. ). Most of them live in really bad conditions with no hygiene, scarce food and basic supplies.

They live in crowded refugee camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians want these refugees to return to their homeland. The problem is that now these territories are under Israeli control. And Israel opposes to refugees returning because these would cause a Palestinian majority. This would be a threat to the Israeli security. Also the huge worry about the Palestinian terrorism over Israel.

Almost all Palestinian groups have the goal of destroying Israel, and since their foundation they have been practicing terrorist activities. The only pro-Palestinian group that has put down this goal is the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). By signing the Oslo Declaration he renounced violence and recognizes Israel as a sovereign country. In respond to this Israel allowed the PLO free access to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But besides the PLO all the other groups have a terrorize Israel towns near Palestinian control. Other problem is the Israeli repression over Palestinians.As a result of Palestinian aggression Israel limited the flow of Palestinian workers to Israel.

This policy was made in order to prevent infiltrated terrorists into Israeli territory. By doing this the standard of living of the Palestinians reduced drastically. The few Palestinians that did do it through the border for working are often humiliated, and mistreated in the security checkpoints over the borders.

Also fearing terrorist attacks at the border soldiers sometimes open fire to vehicles killing civilians. The Israeli Defense Forces has killed over 3,500 Palestinians; demolish their houses (Israeli Repression p. ). The Palestinian harassment has been all in the purpose of Israel security.

One major problem involving this issue is Jerusalem. Both Israelis and Palestinians want the city as theirs.The two of them would like the city to be their capital. The main problem in this topic is religion. Jews have their holiest site located in Jerusalem as Palestinians do to. Both parties deny the possibility of Jews control Muslim holy land and vice versa “Even secular Israelis are unwilling to place what many regard as Judaism’s spiritual heart under Muslim control” (Jerusalem: Crucible of the conflict BBC).

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