James Joyce

1. James Joyce seems to have no high opinion of the courage of the Irish to leave their home and families, to start a new life in a faraway place and to try to have a prosperous and happy life therein.  In the story he has written entitled, “Eveline,” the lady by such name lived a difficult life working for a store and then trying to make both ends meet in their home.  She had her father and siblings to provide for and to take care of, and she promised her long departed mother to “to keep their home together as long as she could” (Joyce, 20–).  The chance for her to explore a world outside of the one she has known all her life came when Frank asked her to marry him and to go with him to Buenos Aires. She went as far as meeting him at the boat station but just when the boat was about to leave and they were to supposed to go aboard, she found herself wanting to stay and she watched Frank disappear from her life.In contrast, Mary and Michael – two Irish characters from a short story written by Liam O’Flaherty – mustered the courage to leave their home for United States, to try their luck and to seek opportunities for getting past the poverty they had known all their life.  There were very sad moments before their departure time finally came – tempting moments when the only home they knew seemed to be the best and safest place for them in the world (O’Flaherty, 20–).

In the end, after tearful goodbyes, the two were taken by their father and their siblings to the station. They did not look back. They had the courage to stand firm in their resolve to go to a place so far away and to search for greener pastures.2. Using symbols, the poet was talking about life.  The plane tree, the cat, the sun, our life, and the poet (me) generally stand for people, other living creatures, nature, the passing of time and the blessings we enjoy.  Life is beautiful and it is full of adventures waiting to be found.

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  As time passes by, people in our life come and go.  So do things and everything else in life – they all come and go because life is ever-changing, and every new day brings in new things, new challenges and new friends.  It is important to not let the gift of life go to waste.  Thus, we ought to appreciate each moment and each character and each thing that comes to us because they will not always be there; there will come a time when they will all go.  In this life, everything will come to pass to give way to new things. This never-ending cycle called life should be relished while it is there for us to enjoy – such is the way to live life to the full. References:Joyce, J.  (20–).

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   Fables of Fables.

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