Jane Eyre as a Cinderella Story

Jenni Peppercorn Phillip Havard A. P. English IV 18 November 2010 Just Another Cinderella Story? In many ways Jane Eyre is very comparable to Cinderella. Characters, settings, situations, accomplishments, hardships, the happing ending, these things all add up for a classic Cinderella story. Jane keeps a peaceful and positive mindset in her not so ideal childhood and makes something of herself on her own when she grows up. Becoming a woman of integrity who falls in love with her prince charming in the end; living happily ever after.

In the very beginning Jane’s story is relative to Cinderella’s. Her wicked Aunt, Mrs. Reed, the three evil step-siblings, Eliza, John and Georginia, fit the original story to a “T”. Jane is seen as nothing more than an Orphan in her so called family’s eyes. She is excluded from everything that the rest of the family does. She is also expected to act as a servant for the family.

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Accordingly, these things make Jane feel inferior to the family especially the children. Not only does Jane fell inferior as far as her social status, but in the way of her self-worth as well.Jane feels plain compared to her cousins because of the constant taunting from her aunt and the other children. But despite all of these unsparing circumstances, Jane still holds herself together as a level headed young lady. Until Jane is sent away to school, which is still not so ideal at times, she has very limited opportunities. Most of the ideas Jane conceives of a normal adult life come from books. Her imagination and forward thinking mind are what keep her from crumbling in obdurate crisis.Many times Jane is locked in the redroom just as Cinderella was locked away in the attic.

The composed aura of both of the girls is what makes them the heroine of the story. When Jane first goes to school things are still not utopian. She still feels like a misfit, like Cinderella when she is goes to the first ball. Shortly after arriving though Jane meets her best friend, Helen, who is also an orphan.

With the help of Helen Jane finds her own strength to make her life more meaningful. This is one of the first steps Jane takes to becoming a normal adult.With time Jane discovers the woman she wants to become.

She realizes that she does not have to be the Reed family but her own socially equivalent person. Jane decides the way to become this is to surround herself with people who have already accomplished this. This is when she meets her prince charming in the Cinderella aspect, Mr. Rochester. Her first sighting of Mr. Rochester is him riding on a horse on the campus. Distracted by Jane he falls off the horse hurting himself.

When Jane is helping Mr.Rochester up from his fall the exchange a love-at-first-sight glance and the fairy tale love story begins. From then on Jane knew that she had to win the approval Mr. Rochester. Jane and Rochester really begin to fall in love when she rescues him from his burning home. Jane then becomes the heroine. Although things are becoming brighter in Jane’s fairy tale life, “Cinderella’s” romance with Rochester becomes troublesome.

Jane learns of Rochester’s deranged ex-wife on the day of their wedding, and the wedding is broken off.This is very comparable to the glass slipper breaking when Prince Charming comes to take Cinderella away. After much toil and hardship ,and some serious convincing from Mr. Rochester that he really loves her, Jane and Rochester reunite. Just like in the end of Cinderella Jane accomplishes the things she has been striving for all along. To become a socially accepted, well established adult and to marry her prince charming.

So all in all Jane lives happily ever after as just another Cinderella story.



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