Jet Airways Strike

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Assignment Format Name: Ankita Sharma Due Date / Day: 3rd January 2011 Class: 27th batch H. R Roll No: 2703142 Subject: IRTU Assignment No: 1 Topic: Industrial dispute in a company Title of the Assignment: A report on Jet Airways strike. Signature: (Of the student) Marks out of 15 Name (Of the faculty) : Signature: Date of Evaluation: Remarks (By Faculty): _________________________________________ ________________________________________ _________________________________________ ASSIGNMENT – 1 A Report on JET AIRWAYS Pilots strike About Jet Airways: Jet Airways is (India) Private Limited is India’s leading private airline. * It has a market share of about 29 percent. * Jet operates a relatively young fleet of Boeing 737 jets and ATR 72 turboprops. * Its reputation for punctuality and outstanding service attracts at large.

Important years for Jet Airways: * 1993: Jet Airways begins domestic operations flying Boeing 737 jets. * 1997: Kuwait Airways and gulf Air sell their stakes in Jet Airways. * 1999: A regional network is launched with turboprop aircraft. * 2004: The first international services are started. * 2007: Acquired Air Sahara and re-launched it as jet lite.Issue: The Jet Airways Pilot went on five day strike starting from 7th September 2009 to 10th September 2009. The problem started way back in October 2008 when around 1900 employees of Jet Airways were fired out amongst 800 was laid off.

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Later they were taken back in a period of a week. National Aviator Guild formed on 24th July claiming a membership of 680 people. But, to show the dissent against employees demand the management sacked two employees without prior information. This did not go well with other pilots and they announced to go on strike from September 7th, 2009, if both the pilots are not reinstated.The management did not took any action against it and as a result of which nearly 432 pilots reported sick and showed cessation of work. The pilots were demanding reinstatement of their colleagues.

Because of the situation created passengers were phasing huge problem and 80% of them were accommodated to other airlines. Mr. Naresh Goyal, head of Jet Airways, has even gone ahead and named these pilots as terrorists. Fortunately after a loss of crores and goodwill, on 13th September 2009 strike ended after 5 days when Naresh Goyal reinstated the sacked pilots and lined the way for possible recognition of a pilots union.Jet Airways was basically against pilots creating trade union. Consequences of the strike: * Jet Airways lost 200 crores in just five days. * Cancellation of domestic and international flights.

* Ratio of average passenger per day also dropped. * Loss of goodwill cannot be measured. Analysis: From the 5 day strike it is observed that reason for which the strike occurred was valid, and also according to our constitution it is the fundamental right of every citizen to form groups and union. Under WCA members of any company, organization or industry can form a trade union if they are more than 100 people.

But the way it is being conducted was illegal because according to Industrial Dispute Act -any strike without giving notice during conclusion processing is prohibited. A must rule is that even after giving the notice of strike they have to wait for 14 days then only they can go on strike. And no legal measures were taken in this case. Conclusion: According to me, pilots have not done anything wrong because it’s their right to form a union. They did not make illegal demands nor were they blaming Jet Airways for anything. But the procedure was not followed under the industrial dispute act, and strike was not legally conducted.


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