Job Analysis

Retro Fitness is a high value, investor friendly fitness model with strong-unit economics and streamline operations that is on track to grow to 300 locations by 2016. A strategic membership price point of $19. 99 per month and state of the art equipment attracts new and experienced exercisers of all ages while ancillary offerings like Retro Blends Smoothie Bar, personal training, child care, group fitness, pro shop and tanning create multiple revenue streams maximizing bottom line returns.

This episode of Undercover Boss was unique in several ways one being that it is a franchise and operated by independent owners and that many of the jobs within the facility over lap one another. The two job descriptions focused on during the episode are the customer service representative (counter staff) that handles all member needs as well as works the juice bar and secondly the fitness trainer. The counter staff is the first and last employees the member sees. The counter staff provides a warm and friendly atmosphere to the member.The counter is also the nucleus of the gym, most of the vital functions of the gym occur at the front desk.

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Not limited to but including everything listed below. Answering the phone and taking clear, detailed messages. Membership data must be input into the computer at first opportunity.

Maintain a presentable, clean counter area. Monitoring that only appropriate personnel are permitted behind the front desk and is under supervision at all times. Updating guest information from daily log and member information forms must be input into the computer before the end of the shift.Including booking training appointments and confirm the appointments for members. Provide sales tour of the facility.

Always maintain a professional image. The trainers are the direct connection between management and the members. Therefore it is imperative that those training have consistently positive mental attitudes and are willing to connect and make contact with as many members as they can each and every day. They must have positive mental attitudes and be willing to both educate all members about the importance of professional instruction as well as selling themselves and what they do, after all, this is a business.The trainer works with the clients to create and maintain a working plan for health and body improvement. They are the people that work with the clients on exercise, diet, maintenance, and the client’s cheerleader for motivation and success. The information collecting method of choice for this industry is the observation method in which an employee and records all his performed and non-performed task, fulfilled and un-fulfilled responsibilities and duties, methods, ways and skills used by him or her to perform various duties and his or her mental or emotional ability to handle challenges and risks come under direct observation.

However, it seems one of the easiest methods to analyze a specific job but truth is that it is the most difficult one due to the fact that every person has his own way of observing things. Different people think different and interpret the findings in different ways. Therefore, the process may involve personal biasness or likes and dislikes and may not produce genuine results. This error can be avoided by proper training of job analyst or whoever will be conducting the job analysis process. Job analysis assists in insuring that job descriptions and company operations are with the federal and state regulations for that particular industry.

In the event that there are violations the human resource manager is expected to adjust and train the necessary person’s job description to coincide with the laws and regulations surrounding the positions task.References Stewart, G. L. , ;amp; Brown, K. G. (2012).

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