Job's comments

For example, I think of the time that when I was lost in my dirty and former way of life; I was drenched in the rains of sins and clothe with garments of shame. My life was miserable but your sacrifice to come and lead the way for a right living shook me. I would not resist the force. My people have visited our ghetto in time past but only few return and persist in their search for our dying souls. But you did more than they all. Out of your busy academic schedule, as I got to know, you still found time to visit and show love to me. I am indeed grateful for your exemplary life in the history of my life. Once I was blind but now I can see; you led me to the ‘ophthalmologist’, Dr.

Jesus.One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is:LoveFor example, I think of the time that you showed me love like anyone has done before. I was empty while I sinned: I actually taught my I could fill the vacuum within me with these acts of sin but all to no avail. What made it worst was there was even no one different around to talk to, and share deep-seated feelings with. My sinful colleagues would only laugh about it, and make mockery of the scene.

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In you, I found the ‘vacuum filler’. In you as a childhood friend and one that sticks closer than a brother, I drew back to God and my parents not because of anything spectacular but just because of the love you showed me. You listened to me and led me to the way of God. You were instrumental in my journey back to the glorious home, after an exit from it like the prodigal son.

Friend, I would forever cherish our friendship. I love you dearly.One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is:DeterminationFor example, I think of the time I resisted your several attempt to change my path. At that time, I felt empty but I could not help myself. I felt like leaving but was held down; tied to the stake like a sentenced criminal. You came and reminded me of our beginning and he fruitful times we had together as childhood friends



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