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Last updated: February 25, 2019

After watching the Broadway show, “Journey’s End“, I was wonderfully touched by the close friendship that was portrayed and they were incredibly believable. This show also made me laugh and other times I was just awed by the incredible and powerful story that showed true heroism.I felt that Hugh Dancy; a British film star and Stark Sands led the Broadway show to a huge success.The show revived R.C. Sherriff’s play that premiered in the year 1929, titled “Journey’s End”, which depicted the Word War I days of Sherriff and I felt that the actor did a great job of acting in a fabulous performance.It was fun watching as the actors made me laugh hysterically at times and then I would feel sad seeing some of the events that took place during World War I and I had to have compassion for the character, R.C.

Sherriff.The struggle of war was intense in the scenes and the actors made the characters come to life as they played their roles.The bond that was formed between the two soldiers was incredibly touching and it was nice that you didn’t have to actually see the fighting but just the friendship that evolves from being so close to a person day and night in the fight to stay alive.

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In comparison to “Europides” I feel that these two characters were similar in their temperaments. The two characters in each story preferred being alone. Both of the plays demonstrated tragic events in history and both were extremely interesting.I did prefer watching “Journey’s End”, which I felt was more able to capture my interest in the story about World War I.“Journey’s End” did make sense to me, in believing that true friendship does exist and that sometimes tragic events can cause us to find lasting friendship after having to depend on someone, for survival.

The play was mesmerizing and full of life and action with moments that made you want to cry.The scenery and special effects in this Broadway show were also remarkable!  The young actors played their roles amid the amazing scenery which really pulled the entire show together.Raleigh and Osborne were also very memorable and I could sense the pain that they felt during the show, while Jefferson Mays and John Ahlin were superior in bringing so much comedy to the show.Other than lasting incredibly long, I felt that this Broadway show was very successful in gaining my approval.(Sherriff, 1928) When the first show was created in the year 1928, it brought to life what happens to everyday people who go to war. This British drama was successful during two separate eras, and I’m fascinated that such an old play can be so wonderfully revived and admired by so many people.The dugout that was shown during the war held many memories for the characters, and I’ll always remember the special closeness that these two men shared while surviving during World War I. 


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