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Last updated: March 20, 2019

I am going to hire Karen for the position of Sales Manager. After going through the resumes of all the candidates, it was very clear to me that Karen meets the requirements of the job more than everyone else in terms of skill and expertise. She is an expert in fiber optics technology and also has a sound background in sales. Although there is a huge risk that Karen might not be able to fulfill her job requirements after getting married.

Especially that of spending leisure time with clients after 5:00. But still rejecting her on the basis of this presumption would be gender discrimination.I know many would ask that she is a woman and the job requires extensive travel which could be physically exhausting… can a woman handle such fatigue? Again I’d say these are presumptuous thoughts based on our stereotyping about women and their role in the society.

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I believe nobody should be denied a chance based on presumptions. Historically many people have been denied opportunities because of their association to the subordinate groups. The fact of the matter is that gender bias has also been there in our society.

In many underdeveloped parts of the world, women are oppressed while men form the dominant group. Women are denied a respectful life no matter how intelligent and competent they are. This is counterproductive. Merit should prevail.

So I’d want my organization to follow the Equal Pay Act and all other federal rules regarding equal opportunity to everyone and hire the most competent person for any job. The biggest challenge however would be, Karen being a woman might face discrimination or harassment from clients, to whom she’ll be selling. But since she has been in sales for 5 years, I’m quite sure she knows how to handle such a situation. Besides I’ll work with her and lend her my full support in case of any unpleasant event.

I believe in order to progress, my organization will have to accept and nurture ethnic, gender and cultural diversity.ReferencesWeek one lecture notesWeek three lecture notes


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