Korg Assignment

“M50 Editor/Plug-In Editor” v1. 0. 2 Release Notes (Mac) Install the KORG USB-MIDI Driver before launching the editor software.

The KORG USB-MIDI Driver can be found on the included CD-ROM; you can also download it from the website listed below. Please read the “operation guide” for details on how to install it. The updater will be posted on our website, so please check back with us at http://www. korg. com/ Preload data file If you purchased the M50-61/73, please use the data file PRELOAD. M50all. If you purchased the M50-88, please use the data file PRELOAD88. M50all.

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• Additions and changes from v1. 0. 1 to v1. 0. 2 -Support for the M50-73 The information of the M50-73 was added to this ReadMe. The editor itself is identical with the previous version. • Additions and changes from v1. 0.

0 to v1. 0. 1 -Preload data filePreload data file is also installed when you install the M50 Editor. Notes -If you make settings in your host application so that the M50’s MIDI IN port (M50 KEYBOARD) is used as the MIDI input of the host application, there will be a greater possibility of errors occurring while receiving or transmitting a MIDI data dump with the UTILITY menu Receive/Transmit command, or while executing a MIDI data dump that occurs when you load a data file.In such cases, we recommend that you either set your host application so that it does not use the M50’s port as its MIDI input, or switch the setting only when you’re performing a data dump so that the M50’s port is not used during that time. -The M50 Editor/Plug-In Editor doesn’t notice the modifications of some operations using the M50 hardware. Please execute “Receive All” from the UTILITY menu of the M50 Editor/Plug-In Editor to load the whole data from the M50 after these operations. – Load a data file in the MEDIA mode Press COMPARE key or WRITE key – Following MENU commands; Change all bank references Copy Drum Kit Copy Drum Track Copy From Song Copy From Combi Copy From Program Copy Insert Effect Copy Arpeggio Patterns Copy Key Setup Copy MFX/TFX Copy Oscillator Copy Tone Adjust Copy Chord Trigger Setup Detune BPM Adjust GM Initialize Load Effect Preset Load Preload/Demo Data Load Template Song Reset Tone Adjust Swap LFO 1;2 Swap Insert Effect Swap Key Setup Swap MFX/TFX Swap Oscillator Write Program Write Combination Write Global Setting Write Drum KitsWrite Arpeggio Patterns Known problems -Pro Tools LE 7.

3/7. 4 [Mac with Intel processors / Mac with Power PC processors] In some cases, total recall fails to recover the data, and the data in the M50 itself is erased (initialized to InitData). This problem can occur if the total recall settings (Global mode Software Setup) differ between when you saved and when you loaded. If you’ve changed the total recall settings, close the session and start again with a new session file in order to minimize the possibility that this problem will occur.Even if this problem should make it appear as though the data in the M50 itself has been erased, the data in the M50’s memory has not actually been overwritten. Disconnect the connection between the M50 and your PC, and then power the M50 itself off and on again to recover the original data.

-Pro Tools LE 7. 3. x /7. 4 [only Mac with Intel processors] When you use total recall to recall data on a Mac that has an Intel processor, the Pro Tools LE application may immediately exit unexpectedly.

This occurs when “M50 KEYBOARD” is selected as the MIDI input in Pro Tools. To avoid this problem, choose the menu item Setup ;gt; MIDI ;gt; Input Devices, and make sure that the “M50 KEYBOARD” option box is cleared. Then load the session file (total recall). -Logic Pro 8. 0. 1 Since key operations from the computer keyboard will function as Logic Pro keyboard shortcuts, this produces the problem that numerical values or text cannot be entered from the keyboard into M50 Plug-In Editor.

Please use mouse operations to edit parameters.



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