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Terrorist must have publicity in some form, so they can gain attention, inspire fear and respect, and secure favorable understanding of their cause, if not their act. (Perl) It can offer both tactical (short-term) and strategic (long-term) gains for the operation itself and in some cases for the cause for which the terrorist act is being committed. Tactical gains in publicity are usually measured in terms of getting information concerning demands that must be met within a time frame to more than just the law enforcement officers at the scene.Strategic goals can be met by increasing that large audience’s awareness of the “justice” of the cause for which the act is being committed and the seriousness of the “problem” that the terrorist are trying to rectify.

`Favorable understanding of their cause is an important goal to them today. They want everyone to understand why they are doing it, such as sympathy for their suffering and their cause can be generated by a press willing to convey their message to a wide audience.Legitimacy and identity is the way they recruit effectively.

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Proving to be both committed an effective in kidnapping, bombing, assassination, and other dramatic terrorist events. Destabilizing the enemy by generating a sense of unrest, enhancing a fear that the government is unable to offer security and stability to its people. If the media can be used to amplify fear, then the terrorist will have achieved an important goal.Media as a weapon are used on TV news stations, so everyone will know what they are doing and why they are doing it. For example 9/11, the media kept on replaying the footage of the World Trade Center over and over again and it got the message to us to be afraid of them.

References Perl, Raphael F. (October 22, 1997) Terrorism, the Media, and the Government: Perspectives, Trends, and Options for Policy Makers Retrieved from http://fas. org/irp/crs/crs-terror. htm Combs, Cynthia C. (2013) Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century p.




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