Labor union

Labor union is mainly an organization of employees and also the unemployed who have come together so as to form an umbrella body which will deal with issues  concerning their payments, the conditions and nature of work place and also the duration of working. The labor union is mainly composed of the workers themselves, experts, retirees and the jobless. The sole objective of the union is mainly to ensure that there is an improved and favorable working condition for its members.The labor union has done a lot for its working class members. Since its formation almost three hundred years ago, the union has undergone numerous transformations so as to adopt and handle the real problems of the moment.

Such problems are mainly instigated by political influence and also economical problems. The first thing that the trade union has done to benefit the working class is the introduction of the benefits to workers. During the initial years of its formation, the labor union introduced insurance scheme where by the members was protected against sickness, joblessness, retirement and also gathering for funeral services (Viscusi, 1980).Labor union has also benefited its members by providing them with professional training. This training is majorly aimed at equipping the union members with enough skills so as to increase their chances of acquiring better jobs and also to enable them climb the ladder quite easily. This then will mean an increased salary for them thus improving their living conditions. The training also involves providing legal advice to the members on issues like employment rights and how to go by whenever these rights are violated by their employers.

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Infact the labor union usually represent its members in court in order to ensure that their cases are dealt with correctly in reference to their rights as stipulated by the labor laws. This has helped many employees to overcome cases such as harassment, discrimination and also underpayment.Labor union has also ensured that each and every one of its members receives better pay commensurate to what he/she has delivered. The union does this by representing their members in negotiating with the employers regarding issues like salaries and also the nature and conditions of work. In other cases, labor union can call for strikes whenever matters concerning their well being are not handled well. Such matters may be things such as their demand for a pay increase, poor working conditions, and lack of recognition or delay in handling of their cases. By paralyzing most of the activities in various firms and organizations, their employers can speedily handle their cases and a solution to a problem can be reached quickly rather than later. This then easience the handling and solving of cases for the union members.

Labor union has also developed laws that are of much important in handling of cases related to its members. They do this by formulating laws, and then they seek for support from the public and also from politicians. They sometimes support politicians who are on their side to higher offices. Such politicians when they are in office will ensure that the proposed bill concerning the labor union are discussed and passed into law.Conclusion:The labor union has done a lot in improving the conditions of the working class citizens.

Over the years, the union has formulated legislative laws whereby each and every member is protected against poor working conditions, poor remuneration, safety at the work place and also ensured rules governing the poor working conditions and instant firing and promotion of workers are followed All these has been documented and many more are still to be documented. Workers are now very much comfortable and they can all say ‘Thank You’ to the labor union.

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