Langston vs. Edgar Allan Poe

This chapter describes literature. The works of literature, and how it evolves from everything that revolves around us. Literature is very diverse because it comes from many different aspects. It can be derived from anything and therefore can have very different or very similar meanings. The works of Langston Hughes is very different from the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Yet despite that being true their works in the chapter somehow relate similar messages.Langston Hughes’ character is personified through his work. .You can learn so much by reading “Salvation” which gives a description about him as a child. He wants you to understand him, and he makes that very possible by simply reading his passage; which teaches you of his beliefs and morals in his childhood. Understanding literature is very important. The literature of Langston Hughes is filled with many descriptive details in order to get his point across making his ideas and messages very easy to comprehend.On the other hand the works of Edgar Allan Poe are more in depth and require you to really grasp the literature and create a picture of what he is trying to tell you without him directly telling you.

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The message is more subliminal and requires more thought and closer attention to detail. The introductory passage that accompanied both works was very useful and descriptive and allows you to get a general idea of who the author is. If you have a general idea of whom the author is it makes it easier to understand what they are trying to tell you through their words.Introductory paragraphs aren’t something that we are familiar with. However makes for a very important tool. It is descriptive, and provides a good way to open one’s imagination, and possibilities. One can become familiar with a multitude of different literature simply because they have become informed about the author.

Edgar Allan Poe as opposed to Langston Hughes was a very somber, almost bitter individual who had suffered severely. This was all that I grasped rom just reading the introductory passage. The passage also mentally prepared for the in depth morbid passage that was to follow. Langston Hughes and Edgar Allan Poe were very talented individuals whose gift of literature is still very prevalent today. Reading the different literature shows how different our minds work in getting our thoughts out. All forms of literature can open up the mind greatly and teach a multitude of lessons.

It’s all about how and to who those lessons are being relayed to .

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