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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Law is an interesting profession to choose and lawyers make a difference in people’s lives. A career in law means a commitment to the peaceful resolution of disputes. The disagreements are not likely to be eradicated hence the need for lawyer is not likely to disappear. In order to remove complexities in the environment law is a requirement.Where ever people live together law and rules are developed. Rules are necessary for settling of disputes. Law is a group of rules that are enforced by the government through police, its courts and the agencies.

Law helps people to peacefully live in a society. If there was no law every man could do whatever he feel like doing. There are two types of law which includes civil law and criminal law.

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Civil law settles disputes between people and companies. Whereas criminal law is concerned regarding crimes and actions that cause harm to an individual or group. Law enforcement is one of the most important ways a government has of protecting its citizens.

I am very eager and enthusiastic about the law profession since my high school started. I was impatiently waiting for my school to over so that I can begin with my law school. From the beginning of my school I was really involved in all the law related discussions and used to spend ample amount of time on searching for law profession. I used to keep myself updated with all the legal matters going around. Law has become a passion for me and I’m very keenly waiting for the response for admission in the law school. I frequently read many case studies and articles on law and try to apply the knowledge to do the analysis.In the end I would conclude that no society could exist if all people did just as they are pleased and the law thus establishes the rules that define a person’s rights and obligations.


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