As man tries to find new alternatives that will create changes in the way they do things, it requires committed and dedicated individuals who shall serve as the catalyst for enactment.

At the same time, it seeks to find new dimensions that will allow differences to come in. Seeing this leadership has always been an integral part in facilitating growth and development. Due to this, they can facilitate an avenue that is dynamic and competitive in orientation.Kouzes and Posner book showcases the fundamentals in understanding leadership. It seeks to cater to reader’s insights and opportunities to develop their individual skills in handling complex and difficult situations.

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Similarly, it offers case studies that can contribute to linking the theoretical value of leadership towards the actual application of such in different scenarios. By grasping the importance of such concept, an individual can be vibrant and adaptive to numerous setback and obstacles in nature.Reflecting on chapter’s one and two, it is vital for managers to recognize their roles in the overall development process within a specific organization or company. They need to revitalize these objectives and create a scenario that is encompassing and beneficial to each of its members and employees. Due to this, they must constantly equip themselves with new ideas and trends that can help sustain optimum performance in any given situation.

Moreover, leaders must remain vigilant for the occurrence and escalation of conflict. At its early stage, managers must effectively point out new alternatives and ideas that can help provide solutions to these given setbacks. If ever the problem has been prevalent, head’s of organization and companies must efficiently determine what strategies can be made and practiced so that new trends can emerge. It is through the realization of how a situation can be used as an instrument for growth can mangers exemplify their skills and competency.

On the other hand, equipping and recognizing the needed tenets among leaders can help solidify and strengthen their hold in a particular environment. As the workplace becomes diverse and complicated, leaders and managers need to realize that they must continue to improve in their communication and management styles to suit the needs of the majority. Seeing this, this is one process that can help shape their integrity and remain active in their individual endeavors to satisfy familiar goals and objectives.Similarly, this procedure can be enhanced by particularly reinforcing knowledge and skills concerning leadership. This can be established by further training and redefining of values and principles surrounding a particular realm. By constantly initiating training, management and companies can ensure that they are committed towards ensuring that accountability and effectiveness remain a key point in their system.

In the end, leaders have the capability and potential to enact changes. However, one important determinant in administering these ideas is their understanding of specific goals and values that are associated with the trait. By seeking to reinforce objectives and maintaining integrity amidst the elements of controversies and setbacks, companies and organizations can push forward their interest while establishing a healthy relationship among its peers.



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