My name is….. UN ID 8796542 and I am writing because I have recently discovered that I need additional financial help in order to continue my college studies, so I am writing to you in regards to a possible extra scholarship to help me through the semester. I am in great need of a hand up to be able to continue my education because of my current situation.I am presently registered for the Spring 2007 semester at SCPS in the Leadership and Management Program, and at the beginning of the semester I was registered for three classes with a total of 12 credits, with each class being 4 credits, which included the Math Reasoning course; however, the Math Reasoning instructor recommended that I take Math I this semester and Math II next semester because of my math skills.  This has caused a problem in my Financial Aid eligibility, because Math I is only 2 credits. I am still taking three classes this semester, but because of the two credits less my federal aid was lowered.

Only taking 10 credits means I am only eligible for a lesser amount of Pell grant and I am now responsible to pay the difference of $2700.If I do not come up with this amount to cover the difference, my registration will be cancelled and I will be dropped from my classes in 6 business days. I do not have a way of coming up with this money in such a short amount of time. The Financial Aid office suggested that I get a private loan, but I am unable to do this given my situation right now: I am unemployed, and I haven’t got a relative to turn to in this country that could help me with the money. My only close relative is ill and I am temporarily living with this relative, who helps support me.I have exhausted all other options and this scholarship is my only hope to be able to continue my education here. Without it, I will have to quit my education and I do not want to do that because it is my goal to obtain my degree. Please consider me for an additional scholarship so that I may continue my pursuit of a college degree.

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If you look at my grades I have tried hard to maintain a good GPA, despite my extenuating circumstances. I have been working hard to be successful in my college classes, and I know that because I will now be taking Math I and Math II it will only help me succeed later in my educational career. Please consider me for this additional scholarship and thank you for your consideration.Sincerely,



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