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To Whom So Ever It May Concern It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ms. xxxxxxxxxx who has been working in my organization from 2004 till date as a Management Executive of our company. As _______________of xxxxxxxxx, I had various opportunities to observe her and comment on her capabilities.

Ours is manufacturing unit based in xxxxxxxxx, making lustrous carbon additives and refractory coatings for the Foundry Industry. Besides that, we also trade in related foundry consumables from different parts of the world. xxxxxxxxx was actively involved in most of the administrative activities of the company.She was also involved in the trading activities such as procurement and logistics of specific products of the company. xxxxxxxx has displayed excellent organizational skills while undertaking these tasks. It has been a pleasure to observe xxxxxxxx working hard and striving to meet deadlines and schedules to keep the customers happy. She is a very responsible individual and strives very hard to achieve her goal.

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She constantly interacts with her colleagues and other staff members and the feedback that I have received from her fellow co-workers was very positive.She is very focused and makes sure that the task is completed at the given time. Her jovial disposition adds light to certain difficult and stressful situations at work.

Although she has learned a great deal from her peers while on the job, an MBA will enrich the theoretical aspect of her professional knowledge, and further refine her analytical skills. She needs to learn to take more risks at work and set apart from conventional paths. She must also inculcate a stronger spirit of aggression. She has reached a plateau where her chances of an ascent would be strengthened by a Master’s degree.I highly recommend xxxxxxxxx for the program at your university because I sincerely believe that she will excel in the program if given the opportunity, as at this stage a master’s degree is very important for his career. It will equip him with the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive era.

She has proved her potential at xxxxxxxxx, and I am confident she will do the same at any university where she plans to pursue her Masters degree. I highly recommend her admission Sincerely, (Signature & Company Seal) LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION To Whom So Ever It May ConcernI am the head – Sales and Banc assurance (Wealth Management) – Insurance, in xxxxxxxxx. I am based in Mumbai and am responsible for the Insurance profit center that includes the Bank’s relationship with xxxxxxxxx, our partner in this sector.

xxxxxxxxx has around 500 people stationed in various branches of the Bank, dedicated to this partnership and they all report to me. Around 100 of these are located in the Western region that has Mumbai as its headquarters. xxxxxxxxx is one of these 100 and is based in Mumbai. I interviewed and recruited xxxxxxxxxx almost two years ago in February 2004.He was appointed as a Junior Financial Consultant in Mumbai. The Western Region is led by an Area Sales Manager (ASM) who has 5 Senior Financial Consultants (SFC), 45 Financial Consultants (FC) and around 50 Junior Financial Consultants (JFC) reporting to him. The JFC is normally a Graduate/Post graduate with around 2 years of experience and xxxxxxxxx was a member of this peer group when he joined. Based on his performance and the leadership qualities he exhibited, he was promoted twice in one year and has been a Senior Financial Consultant since August 2005.

He is a serious contender for a Sales Manager’s post as soon as a vacancy occurs. I don’t recall any other case in my 10 year association with our Insurance division, where somebody has been promoted twice in such a short period. While we may have recruited him at a junior financial Consultant because of no experience in Insurance, his elevation has been due to his performance and the strong leadership qualities he has displayed. xxxxxxxxxx is a motivator and team player. He leads by example, takes initiative and commands respect from his team. His approach is innovative and he can think “out of the box”.He is a good trainer and inspires confidence in his bosses.

He builds relationships and his integrity and value system are one of his strong assets. He strives for excellence, can handle pressure and believes in delivering results without forgetting the need for using the correct process. One could say that he has charisma. Let me share a few examples to illustrate what I have just said. I remember that his first assignment was at our priority baking branch in xxxxxxxx.

This branch works 24*7 and is located in a neighborhood that is populated by high profile and high net worth clientele.We keep just one insurance person in a branch. This branch’s premium generation was among the lowest in the network, US$ 0. 04 Million per annum. Within 1 year xxxxxxxxxx, had generated new customers contributing a premium of US$ 0. 75 million making his branch among the top performers, nationally.

An achievement based on building relationships with the high net worth customers, ensuring that he sells them what is right for them (compared to what was immediately saleable and may not have been the right product for the customer).Initiating new methods for outreach. All the teller operators became Insurance promoters. Motivating the team by organizing competitions and creating a buzz. At the first All India Sales meet in which he participated, he volunteered to make a presentation on the recently introduced Market Instrument Based Insurance Policy.

It was a knowledgeable presentation that was well received by the group. He was made the “Champion” for this product and he now trains all other agents, very effectively, as well as handles the difficult queries and clients.We are generating a business of US$ 5 million per annum from these products.

He has always been among the merit list of achievers (the top 5%) and has collected a number of Certificates for his performance. His weakness is that he tends to get intolerant and impatient when he has to deal with people who do not have the same commitment as he has. He also has to learn to deal with failures as well as the mismatch that happens between his own optimistic assessment of a situation and the reality.On a skill development front, he has to learn to slow down his speech, as while making presentations he tends to speak fast leading at times to the receiver needing to concentrate very hard to get a complete understanding. The raw material is right and experience as well as exposure to an International and well respected MBA program like yours will help him realize his potential. He enjoys working in teams and attending a US based MBA program like yours will allow him to both contribute to, and experience working with, multi national and multi cultural high profile peer groups.

He needs to hone his strategic thinking skills and holistic planning; areas that exposure to your MBA program will develop. I strongly recommend him to the selections committee for admission to your MBA program. I will be happy to speak to any member and am available at the numbers provided in my card attached. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION To Whom So Ever It May Concern I am writing this letter to recommend xxxxxxxxx who is working as senior financial services consultant with xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx At present I am working as the Ares Sales Manager (ASM) – West for xxxxxxxxxx .At present around 100 people report to me in the western region of India. xxxxxxxx is one of the 5 senior financial services consultants who report into me all India. My interaction with him is on a daily basis. xxxxxxxxx had begun his career with us as a junior financial services consultant, but soon enough he had differentiated himself by his hard work and Willingness to take initiative.

An example was when he took the initiative to give a presentation on the financial markets at the annual off site within a couple of months of joining. He is excellent when it comes to being creative.One such instance was when he voluntarily conceptualized and managed a xxxxxxxx contest for over 1000 employees.

This contest was applicable for 3 months and xxxxxxxxx handled the extra responsibility with ease. One of his major strengths is Integrity and his morals. One feedback which I have personally got from his customers who are working in the bank is that he sells a product that suits a customers needs. I remember when he had joined and was put into one of the worst performing braches in the country and he had been offered a transfer but he declined the offer.Soon enough the branch became one of the top branches in the country. His interpersonal skills are very good whether with seniors or colleagues or customers as in insurance if you want to strike a chord with high net worth individuals it is extremely important to establish a good rapport with the clients, thus it has been great to observe xxxxxxxxx maintaining a constant touch with them and striving to satisfy their every need. Due to his above strengths and the maturity that he has shown beyond his years, xxxxxxxx was promoted twice to reach his Current Position as Senior Financial Services Consultant.Such a Journey normally takes 2 to 3 years but as an exceptional case xxxxxxxx was give the current responsibility.

He is the youngest senior consultant we have at present and on date 20 Consultants report in directly and another 35 indirectly. He handless this extra pressure and responsibility with ease and finesse. As a senior consultant he stands by his team and is a good team player.

xxxxxxxxx has always met his targets and has been awarded certificates of excellence. If I have to recommend an area of improvement, I think he needs to be a bit less emotionally involved in his day-to-day job role.But, I guess that for a person as driven by excellence as xxxxxxxxxxx, it is natural to be emotionally involved. I highly recommend xxxxxxxx for the program at your university.

I sincerely believe that he will excel in the program if given the opportunity. He has a well-rounded personality and with his exceptional leadership, Presentation skills, and quantitative skills. I feel an MBA from a reputed organization like yours will stand him in good stead for his future career. I am sure admitting him will be a good decision and I highly recommend him to your college.

He will be sincerely missed in the organization. 25th January, 2006 Letter of Recommendation I write this letter with extreme pride in recommending Ms. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx who is employed in our organization from April 2005 till date, in the role of a Manageress – Supply Chain.

XXXXXXXX Limited is a 45 member strong medical-supplies provider to various retail and organizational players from the health care industry. Our clientele includes – but is not limited to – chemists, nursing homes and the largest hospitals such as xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxx.Our organization enjoys the highest quality product range of Intravenous fluids. Xxxxxxx is responsible for the entire movement of our products, right from receipt of the same from the manufacturers to end delivery to our clients. This position involves efficiency and co-ordination at various stages of the supply chain structure. Xxxxxxx maintains an extremely pro-active and strategic process between our suppliers and our clients by creating collaborative relationships, projecting market requirements, maintaining a ready flow of life-saving products, client / supplier contracts etc.I consider the ability to manage people as the most important skill, and Xxxxxxx has consistently placed herself as an effective team leader.

This attribute reflects in the high efficiency and motivation levels of her 5 team members. Going further on the team capabilities, Xxxxxxx has an eye for recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of her team members. This allows her to extract the best of them, which eventually showed in the quality of service offered to our clients.

Her excellent communication skills only added to this strength, and her clients and team members alike find it easy to approach her with issues and recommendations.Overall, she brings about a strong and positive design-oriented environment to our rigid and fast moving office. Of particular mention is her dominance in handling corporate clients. This is precisely why we put her in charge of our high net worth client’s requirements. She truly understands our positioning as a premium player in this industry, and translates the same into the most superior levels of service quality offered to the end customer.

She has proven herself to be diligent and conscientious with the potential to succeed at whatever she sets her mind to. She is an extremely organized, focused and methodic worker.If I have to recommend an area of improvement, it is that she needs to make decisions quicker in this time-restricted professional arena. My experience with her leaves me with no doubt that she will be a great asset to your student body. I strongly recommend her for graduate admission at your university. I wish her the best in all future endeavors. Letter of Recommendation Date: _________ To Whomsoever It May Concern _______ has worked with ____ Advertising a _____________ for over a period of __ years, and inspite of being the youngest employee, she has proved to be a valuable asset.I have found her to be efficient and meticulous in her endeavors.

She is a determined and career minded individual with specific goals to work towards. In a profession that is ruled by deadlines, ____ has successfully managed not only to stay afloat, but also to perform well. She has the ability to view learning as a continuous process and is able to accept constructive feedback and learn from it. She performs well as part of a team and is known to be a responsible and dedicated member. Her sincerity and enthusiasm make her agreeable to work with.A creative and articulate thought process contributes to _____’s impressive communication skills that she has portrayed through copy writing of some of the advertisements. _____ needs to learn to take more risks at work and set apart from conventional paths.

She must also inculcate a stronger spirit of aggression. Although she has learned a great deal from her peers while on the job, an MBA will enrich the theoretical aspect of her professional knowledge, and further refine her analytical skills. She has reached a plateau where her chances of an ascent would be strengthened by a Master’s degree.

She has proved her potential at _____, and I am confident she will do the same at any university where she plans to pursue her Masters degree. I highly recommend her admission. ”__________________ (Signature & Company Seal) 15th January, 2006 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION Ms.

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx was employed with our organization as a Travel executive and Tour Escort from the years 2002 to 2005. In this duration, I have had the opportunity to observe her closely, and hence am in the right position to make a recommendation for her. Her work timings were from 11:00 a. . to 7:00 p.

m. , as she was subsequently pursuing her Bachelors in Commerce where she attended early morning classroom. xxxxxxxx is a network company of XXXXXXX Xxxxxxx, which is under the umbrella of XXXXXXX Bank (India’s largest banking organization). Our firm specializes in travel solutions mainly for XXXXXXX employees, and their corporate as well as personal travel needs are met through us. Our philosophy is to produce extremely cost-effective and reliable solutions which bring about several benefits – tangible and intangible – to the parent company.We are extremely particular about the quality of our team members since a majority of our travel plans are for the higher management of the bank.

Subsequently, client expectations are also on the higher side where only the utmost service excellence would suffice. Xxxxxxx’s chief responsibilities included issuing tickets (domestic and international), co-ordinating between the various hotels etc. , playing the role of a Tour escort where she lead a group of 65 XXXXXXX bank personnel to Singapore and to Colombo, handling operations for foreign individual tours, managing group books and taking care of the visa procedures.Xxxxxxx required interacting with clients at all stages and understanding / explaining their needs. Her attention to detail showed in the precise and smooth implementation of travel plans. Xxxxxxx has consistently shown an open mind toward new ideas, and spent a good amount of time in the trial-and-error research of operational improvement. We have been extremely pleased with her performance in the areas of co-ordination, maintaining client relationships and as a capable team member and leader alike.Though Xxxxxxx is optimistic in approach, she has never let that attitude compel her to underrate the problem faced.

As a team player, the feedback that I have received from her fellow co-workers was very positive. She is extremely focused and makes sure that the task is completed at the given time within the decided parameters of quality. Her jovial disposition adds light to certain difficult and stressful situations at work. Xxxxxxx is truly an inspiration and I strongly recommend her for the Masters Program at your university.

She will be an asset to your institute; both in the short and the long term.With her boundless energy, excellent analytical and creative mind and a genuinely honest nature, she and your Institute would greatly benefit from her acceptance. TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx who is working with us from the year 2002.

He is involved in the administrative and marketing department of our company. Xxxxxxx ; Co. , which is now in its 5th decade, was primarily started as an export ; import firm trading in various items. Since last 5 years it is focusing only in marketing of Stainless Steel Kitchenware items.As a partner of the company, I have various opportunities to observe Xxxxxxx and comment on his capabilities.

He has made significant contributions to our business, which is noteworthy keeping in mind the young age at which he resumed work. What I find particularly noteworthy is his ability to motivate others to perform better. This is probably the best indicator of his leadership potential. Moreover Xxxxxxx is self-assured and calmly handles the stress allied with busy times in the office.

In addition he has demonstrated excellent powers of observations and an ability to think liberally. Xxxxxxx is a creative thinker.He has subject intelligence and plenty of common sense that he applies in any work given to him. I am always pleased with the quality of work he has presented. Xxxxxxx constantly interacts with his colleagues and other staff members and the feedback that I have received from his fellow co-workers are very positive.

He is much focused and makes sure that the task is completed at the given point of time. I highly recommend Xxxxxxx for the program at your university. I have no doubt that he will excel in the program if given an opportunity which will equip him with the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive era.He is a very ambitious person and someday he will be a successful entrepreneur that you would be proud to call alumni. Sincerely, Xxxxxxx Partner LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION To Whom So Ever It May Concern XXXXXXXXXX has been working directly for me since 2003. She works across a variety of projects related to drafting and negotiating business contracts and identifying risks in these contracts.

She also advises our business teams on various legal issues. xxxxxxxxx continually strives to reach new heights in both her individual performance and team effort.Her ambitious nature and determination to get things done and meet tough deadlines easily distinguish her from her peers. In addition, her intellect and ability to take matured decisions make her an invaluable member of my team. I promoted her to the position of senior legal executive after just one year of her joining my team based on her outstanding performance. xxxxxxxx is a good team player who is able to mix easily and capable of building solid relationships for the future. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills have helped her to build many valuable business relationships.She has consistently demonstrated commitment and creativity.

She has a pragmatic approach to resolving problems. xxxxxxxxx contract drafting and negotiating skills are exceptional. She is the single point of contact between our clients and our business teams when it comes to legal contracts. Her rich knowledge in software business and commercial laws has helped her to consistently negotiate favourable contract terms for our company. For instance, xxxxxxxx has played a key role in negotiating several key business contracts with our big multinational IT clients such as xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx.

She engaged our clients in the planning and development phases and ensured that effective and optimised contracts were delivered to schedule. During this time, she demonstrated her ability as an effective communicator and negotiator serving as the principal liaison to our clients. xxxxxxxxx possesses excellent legal research and analytical abilities. On several occasions, she has protected our company’s interests by highlighting risk areas in business contracts and by suggesting proactive solutions to mitigate these risks.

Our company’s business teams depend heavily on her skills to successfully identify and analyse legal risks in their dealings with our clients. Of late, she called for a standardised procedure for our company to vet contracts and invitation to tenders. She took complete ownership for defining a strategy for rationalizing legal procedures. She subsequently continued to develop and implement this strategy. Her efforts have helped my team deliver consistent and more efficient service levels to our clients.

xxxxxxx has excelled at creating a supportive framework to her team and, when necessary, coach team members to help them develop new skills. She constantly updates herself with the latest on commercial laws and is always willing to share her knowledge with her team. Recently, xxxxxxxx has taken initiative to publish a company newsletter about the latest legal developments. Our employees are relying a lot on this newsletter to keep themselves abreast of the recent legal events. xxxxxxxx is an optimistic person who is always eager to support her team and clients in the business community that we serve.

Her enthusiasm can sometimes allow her to underestimate the magnitude of the effort required to complete a piece of work. This has lead, in the past, to xxxxxxxxx needing to put in a few ‘long days’ in order to see a project complete within the deadline she has agreed with the client. I have discussed my concerns with her and she has recognised that she needs to pay attention to this tendency within her.

She is actively working on achieving a better balance in this area and I am sure with continued effort she will be successful.Based on her education and her performance over the several years she has worked for me, along with a successful LLM degree at xxxxxxxxx, I have no doubt that xxxxxxxxxx will be making a major contribution in an international company. Her ability and drive will help her in most legal consultancy roles. Her personality and self-motivation will only enhance these opportunities. I expect xxxxxxxxx to significantly contribute to her study group and in extra-curricular activities.

I firmly believe in her potential and strongly support her application for your LLM Program.


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