Life and Everything Under It

Hobbies and interests have a way of uplifting one’s soul. For the most part, education has played an important role in the lives of people.

Regardless of who we are, and what we do in life, we are all geared towards making it big in this world. In my own little way, I believe that regardless of what we do, we are responsible for our own actions. The different experiences I encountered have opened my eyes and convinced me to pursue a degree in Counseling Psychology from the Bowie State University.I have always considered myself to be an independent fighter. As a young child, I have been exposed to numerous realities that have helped shaped my perceptions in life.

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Being of service to mankind and my country was one of the dreams that I have fulfilled as I grew older. Eventually, I went on and started a family of my own, with high hopes of becoming a good parent.My involvement in the military was not something to be taken for granted. I was in the service for 17 years, where most of my life and perceptions were developed.

The military training and exposure we had opened more doors for me in the real world. I was deployed in Iraq twice, including deployments in both Somalia and Bosnia. Being away from a normal life allowed me to appreciate what was being handed to me. I also bore witness to how the war affected the lives of deployed soldiers and their families. It was a heartbreaking experience that I wanted to omit in the lives of people. From then on, I have decided I would contribute much to the improvement of such relationships and perceptions through active involvement in school.Being alone and away from the life I had in the United States also contributed to my present goals and dreams.

I learned how to give importance to life and make the most out of everything. Raising a family while serving my country was not something any woman would do with a snap of a finger. Much hard work, sacrifice, and emotional pain were inflicted on me before I was able to become the woman that I am today.

My life threatening experiences never hindered me from living a normal life. I am now blessed with three wonderful children, who are now my reason for working harder and making it big in this world.Age was never a factor in going back to school. Regardless of everything that has happened in my life for the past 20 years, I still found it necessary to obtain a degree in college. My children are not getting any younger, and I would want to be ready for them both intellectually and financially. At the same time, I would also want to be proud of myself by fulfilling my lifetime dream of acquiring a degree in a prestigious university. Through my experiences in life, I deem it appropriate to pursue a degree in Counseling Psychology from your university.

Even if I am no longer active in service, I would still want contribute my talents and knowledge to people, especially those who in need.My hopes and dreams in this profession do not end after commencement. I would use the knowledge that this institution has provided me with by spreading the importance of education in the country.

I want other military men and women to learn and appreciate the importance of education in our society, and how it can help us to become better people.Acquiring a degree in Counseling Psychology would also help me to instill different perspectives in the lives of students. In my own little way, I would be able to help shape their future by staying in school and striving hard in order to become a responsible citizen of this country.

Furthermore, I may also use my personal experiences to inspire them and make these students realize that in their own little way, they can help make a difference in this world. Being an effective practitioner also entails hard work and dedication to the craft, and in so doing, I would be able to share with others my specialties and knowledge.I have learned the importance of life in a hard way, and being given an opportunity to study in your university would serve as my rebirth in this world.

Life is short, and I would want to make sure that I make the most out of it.



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