The Life of Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is one of the most famous young adult authors.

Her books have been praised for their exclusion of violence, drugs, and explicit sex. She was an avid reader from an early age; she cited frequently that her favorite two authors are Austin and Card. During an interview, she was asked the question “what do you think makes your writing attract the attention that it does? ” she replied, “All I can guess is that when I write, I forget that it’s not real. I’m living the story, and I think people can read that sincerity about the characters.They are real to me while I’m writing them, and I think that makes them real to the readers as well. ” Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24, 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut. Meyer’s Parent’s names were Stephen and Candy Morgan.

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She is the oldest out of six siblings. She once was asked “How do you feel about being compared to J. K. Rowling? ” (Another well-known young adult author. ) She responded, “It’s mixed. On one hand, it’s really flattering. I’m a huge fan.On the other hand, there is a bit of backlash because then people say, “Who does she think she is? and then I feel bad, like I’m the one saying this.

” Meyer was said to come up with the series Twilight when she was dreaming. She said she dreamt of a sparkling vampire and a human girl falling in love. Stephenie Meyer is still alive, although if she were to pass away, I believe her books would be as famous later as they are today. From what I know of Stephenie Meyer has only written ten books and they have all been fiction.

All of those ten books are novels. The themes that recur in her books are about people falling in love, she writes mostly suspenseful novels.In the book series Twilight, the two people that most frequently show up are Bella and Edward, except in the second book of the series when Edward leaves. The most frequent character to take Edwards place then is Jacob. She was asked the question “what kind of research on vampires, if any, did you do before writing Twilight? ” she said “The only time I really did any research on vampires was when the character Bella did research on vampires. Because I was creating my own world, I didn’t want to find out just how many rules I was breaking. ” Stephenie Meyers got married in 1997 to a man named Pancho Meyers after raduating from Brigham Young University.

She chose to be a stay-at-home mom to her three sons Gabe, Seth, and Eli.Within three months of June 2, 2003 she’d created a 500 page manuscript and began searching for publishing contacts. In an interview, Stephenie Meyer was asked “How do you attract readers of all ages? ” she said, “I didn’t write these books specially for the young-adult audience. I wrote them for me. I don’t know why they span the ages so well, but I find it comforting that a lot of thirty something’s with kids, like myself, respond to them as well.

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