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The sociological perspective helps us recognize that the lives of individuals are shaped by the forces of society. Explain how the sociological perspective reveals “the general in the particular. ” To illustrate, explain how society played a part in your own decision to attend college. What played part in my decision to go to college is about 2 years ago?I was into drugs really bad and it took me going to a drug and alcohol rehab center to help me to stop using drugs while I was in there I had a lot of people that help me though my problems and from their help made it to where I want to be able to tell my experiences to other people to hopefully get them to do like I did and get away from drugs and better themselves like I am doing and that is what made me want to go to college. Explain how the feminist or gender-conflict approach guides us to understand society.In what ways is this approach similar to the race-conflict approach? The importance of the gender-conflict approach lies in making us aware of the many ways in which our society places men in positions of power over women, in the home (where men are usually considered the “head of the household”), in the workplace (where men earn more income and hold most positions of power), and in the mass media (how many hip-hop stars are women? ).

Another contribution of the gender-conflict approach is making us aware of the importance of women to the development of sociology.Harriet Martineau (1802–1876) is regarded as the first woman sociologist. Martineau, born to a wealthy English family, made her mark in 1853 by translating the writings of Auguste Comte from French into English. She later documented the evils of slavery and argued for laws to protect factory workers, defending workers’ right to unionize.

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She was particularly concerned about the position of women in society and fought for changes in education policy so that women could look forward to more in life than marriage and raising children.Just as men have power over women, white people have numerous social advantages over people of color, including, on average, higher incomes, more schooling, better health, and longer life expectancy. They are both similar because men are over the women in almost all things just like white men have more privileges the all other race which in some ways in my opinion isn’t right or isn’t far I think we should all have equal opportunity and privileges.


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