We live in a progressive day and age

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Last updated: February 6, 2019

We live in a progressive day and age.

  Men are sensitive!  Women are ladder climbers!  It’s a crazy mixed up world where ‘traditional’ values seem archaic and regressive.Granted, social evolution is a) inexorable, and b) a damn good thing.  Without social evolution America would still have slaves and women would still be second class citizens.However, many people – especially women – consider staying at home yet another incarnation of servitude.Here is why women should work at home:1.  They want to.2.  They value children highly and want to be fully involved in raising their own.

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3.  They chose ‘estate management’ as their career.4.  They chose the focus of their life to be their family.5.

  They get to wear pajamas around the house all day if they want!Prior to women being ‘allowed’ to work in the workforce, many people believed that a woman’s place was ‘in the home’, that a woman didn’t belong in and couldn’t handle a ‘real’ job, and that women were intellectually inferior to men.Great policy making, letting the ‘inferior’ minds rear your children.Currently, many believe that women who stay in the home are wasting themselves, that they are buying into an anti-feminist philosophy, and that they are traitors to the Susan B. Anthony’s of the world.Basically, women who chose to stay in the home have never really been valued.We should equally value women who work in the home and women who work out of the home.

  If your woman stays in the home, value the work that she does!Women who work in the home are not inferior or stupid; she has chosen to be a domestic goddess.  If you want her to be happy then treat her like one!Any dope can get out into the workforce and earn a paycheck, plenty do.  Staying at home shouldn’t be a compromise of her self-respect and esteem.  And staying at home shouldn’t mean she is at your beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You are partners.Women who work out of the home are not aggressive man-haters.  She has chosen to exercise her right to be a valuable part of the workforce, a workforce which desperately needs balance, a different perspective, and enough people with vision to allow our country to compete globally.  Working should not be a compromise of her self-respect and esteem.

  She should not have to come home and immediately put dinner on, take care of the kids, and pick-up the house while you decompress for an hour in front of the t.v.  You are partners.Does this mean that you should be a patsy, deferring to every decision your wife makes?  NO.

You want to know what the secret of nagging is?  The secret of nagging is that you didn’t have the balls to either a) do what she asked, or b) tell her that you disagreed.  So you just hope she’ll forget whatever it is.Forget it!Either take action or don’t.  Only wimps get nagged.


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