Lovely Bones Introduction

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Last updated: April 4, 2019

“The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold tells a story of a teenage girl who was raped and murdered by her strange neighbor.

Susie Salmon watches from heaven as her family moan over her death. The author illustrates a main concept of grief over a death of a loved one. In the novel, each of the family members takes on a different notion of grief. Susie Salmon’s father, Jack Salmon had difficulties overcoming the loss of his oldest daughter.His initial reaction was anger. To bring justice for his daughter’s sake, Jack become obsessed with finding the killer, and there was somebody in his mind. George Harvey. “When he handed a stack to my father, the back of his hand touched my father’s fingers.

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It was like an electric shock. ‘You know something,’ my father said. He met my father’s eyes, held them, but did not speak. ” After having a little talk with Mr. Harvey, the father started to suspect.I feel that he uses the need to find Susie’s killer as a way to keep his mind off the fact that his family is coming apart and also that Susie is no longer coming back. “Nothing is ever certain,” says Detective Len Fenerman, when he informs Susie’s father about a body part that they have found.

The mother of the death girl, Abigail Salmon turned in on herself after hearing that her daughter was dead. She kept holding on to a small hope from the words of Detective Fenerman but as evidence proving that Susie is


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