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Last updated: June 15, 2019

Lucy Liu is an important figure in the Asian American community. She is one of the few Asian actors who sas made it big in the film world. She has starred in a television series, “Ally McBeal,” and also in movies. Her biggest impact in the film world has been the movie Charlie’s Angels, in which she instills strength in being a woman and also brings in elements of her Asian background. Lucy Liu has indeed broken the stereotype of Asian Americans as she is not passive or submissive.

Lucy Liu has become an important figure in the Asian American community. In a quote by AskMen. com, “Lucy Liu has broken the mold that Asian actors are prone to passivity, and made herself a veritable star. ” She is seen as a serious actress because her popularity is soaring in Hollywood. Hollywood has a very minimal Asian influence, but Lucy Liu has made it as a sought-after star.

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One of her most memorable characters is her being one of the three agents in Charlie’s Angels.Typically, most of the Asian women in the past have been created to have stereotypes such as the “dragon lady”, who is a beautiful evil villain, and other characters that are passive and submissive to their men. Lucy Liu’s character in Charlie’s Angels is a strong, powerful woman. Although this is just a fictional character, the way her character is perceived is that she is in control of her situations and she is able to “kick butt.

” It gives me pride knowing that a person of my ethnicity can become so successful, and it gives me hope that I can accomplish great things as well.Her character shows that Asian women are not just two dimensional. Girls can have more confidence that they are not confined in the stereotypes, but can break free. Another fact that I found was, “she graduated from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with a degree in Asian languages and cultures.

” Since San Francisco State University is a college with Ethnic Studies, we are able to have an education focusing on the Asian culture as well.


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