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Me’Gan Caesar December 3, 2010 Annotated Bibliography Lupus Erythematosus Szuda, Stephanie “Health: Life with Lupus.

” The Times. 11 Jan 2008. 19 Nov 2010. <Mywebtimes. com> Summary: The story is about a 25 year old guy name Jason Holland. Jason is living with Lupus Erythematosus. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease. He has internal and external lupus that affects his internal organs and skin.

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He takes 15 pills a day just to make it through the day. He goes to the doctor three to four times a month just to keep track on how his body is working well with his everyday life (“health life2).Holland has to overcome major health issue just to make it thought the day. He really couldn’t do much in school so he drop out of school and got into a business program that allowed him to finish school over the internet. Now he just purchased his first house so he can have a semi-normal life living with Lupus (1).

Analysis: Jason Holland is a prime example of a soldier of life. He proves to us that there is a better side of life dealing with a serious disease. This article was very informative to someone that is dealing with Lupus.It also gives hope to someone that think that they can’t go on. This article is telling us that we can have a normal life while dealing with a serious disease. “About Lupus. ” Lupus foundation of America. 2010.

19 Nov 2010. <www. lupus. org> Summary: The Lupus Foundation of America gives us information about Lupus. It provides us various topics to look at and to better understand Lupus.

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood and kidneys.It will give us the information that we need to learn more about the disease. It gives us the causes and what triggers the symptoms.

However, scientist thinks that people are born with this disease and that it is heredity, environment, and hormones is involved. There are four forms of Lupus: Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic Lupus Erythemtosus, Drug-induced Erythematosus and Neonatal Lupus. It also give us the risk for development Lupus this website give us all the information we need to understand Lupus. Analysis:The foundation give hope to people that is dealing with Lupus. The website gives a person an idea of what is Lupus and the types of Lupus. It also gives different pages to look at and learn and better understand the disease. The website is very helpful for a person that feels like they have these symptoms.

The information that is giving in this website is very credibility and very useful. “Lupus Foundation of America Commends FDA committee Decision to Approved Benlysta. ” Medical New Today. 19 Nov 2010. 19 Nov 2010. <www. medicalnewstoday. com> Summary: U.

S food and drug administration (FDA) are trying to approve BENLYSTA as a treatment for autoimmune disease Lupus. BENLYSTA would become the new treatment for Lupus in 52 years. The chief Executive had issues a statement about that people are excited that they had found a new medical breakthrough to help with Lupus.

The people with Lupus voices were heard loud when they heard that there was a breakthrough coming. Each person is unique, and they all hope that BENLYSTA is approved. FDA is still running testes to make sure that it’s affective to all case of Lupus.

Analysis:People are really happy that they are trying to find a treatment for Lupus. They have been waiting for so long to for this brake threw. The people testimony finally been heard after all these years. As people read this they feel a since of proud because there is finally a treatment coming to help them with their everyday life. Some people have died waiting for treatment and now there is something out there for them to try.

Lupus Fighter. <YouTube. com. > 8 Aug 2009 – present. Electronic Summary: In this video the girl talks about how many pills she talks on a daily bases.She also talks about how active she is in sports while she deals with Lupus. Lupus is a serious disease and she want to get everybody aware of how serious the disease it really is. She also has other video to show the world how she lives day to day dealing with Lupus.

She shows her good days as well as her bad days. Her advice for people that deal with Lupus is to stay positive and know that they will have bad day but the good days out way the bad. The videos are good to watch because it can help to better understand Lupus form a people that is deal with first hand.Analysis: The girl that is hosting these videos on YouTube is a real person that is dealing with a real disease. She has beaten all odds of life.

She is making these videos to show everybody that there is a better side of life this disease. These videos take you into her life as an outsider looking in. Just watching these videos make us appreciate our life without a deadly disease. She is very active in her community and at school. She even plays sport and has a positive head on her shoulder.

I think that anybody that want to learn more about this disease should watch these videos. Hughes, Graham. The London Lupus Centre, Book of Lupus: A Patients Guide. 2009 Summary: This book is about Lupus and the type of Lupus that people deal with. This book give gives you everything you need to know from the diet to the different side effect of different medication. It also breaks down the anatomy of a human body that has Lupus and a health body that do not have Lupus. It is very helpful for women that are pregnant because it tells them what to do and not to do for the baby.

This book give very useful information for patient that what to know what they are up against dealing with Lupus. Anybody that want to explore Lupus they need this book. Analysis: This book is very useful for person that is dealing with Lupus. This book a great source to go to in need of in-depth information. The author took it a step inside on what people really what to know and how to treat this disease and how to live a normal life. I would tell anybody this book that is wondering about Lupus.

The author is made some great points in this book and gave lots of helpful hint.


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