Magna Carta the cornerstone of Modern Law

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Magna Carta came from the Latin word “Great Charter”, which was authorized by King John of England, which deals with governing of his subjects according to Feudalism. During feudalism, the relationship between kings and their barons orders the rights and duties of each subordinate.

The king cannot make any legal actions such as imposing high taxes or any military services without consulting the barons. The Barons rebelled against King John causing a revolt in England; Magna Carta was a result of the negotiation within the rebel barons and the king.Magna Carta has 63 clauses which were issued to grant liberties to the church, to barons and tenants feudal rights. This promises that the King would be fair and just in enforcing his powers to the people. This became the “balancing act” during the Kings times because this limits the power of the King towards its people. This gave fair provision to the barons and King to exercise his powers to a certain extent in order not to abuse to those that are of less status as they are. The people were given representations and were given fair rights as well.

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One of the most important clauses of the Magna Carta is the legal clause that states that justice will be serve appropriately and should not be delayed. This is one of the many adopted laws of the Modern Laws right now. Enforcement of Magna Carta is with utmost importance as this became the basis of the modern rights, one of which is taxation without representation. Due to this also the people were given rights to undergo a due process in which at recent is given to those that are trialed. There should be no conviction made unless the person accused has been proven guilty, there should be a fair trial and both sides of defendant and prosecutor is heard. Magna Carta is considered to be the liberty of the people as well as today for this granted them the right to be represented.

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