What Make People Want to Watch Movies

Different people are of different opinions about what makes a good movie. Usually, their opinions are based on the main reasons why they watch movies. From my observation, I find that some people watch movies for entertainment purpose, some others for educational purpose, and some else for a balance between both purposes. Those who watch movies mainly for entertainment purpose think that most people watch movies because they need or want entertainment. Therefore, the most important factor which determines the quality of a movie is how much it can entertain its viewers.Sometimes, they even don’t care whether the story is logical or not as long as the movie satisfies their expectation of what entertainment is. Those who watch movies mainly for educational purpose think that movies should serve as agents of enlightenment.

Movies should give the viewers useful information or inspiration which they can follow up for their self-enhancement. Subsequently, educational factors should be the most important ones in every movie. Movies which serve only a little or even no educational purpose at all are categorized as bad movies.

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In my opinion, the most important factors that contribute to good movies are entertainment and educational factors which combine in a balance. Movies should be entertaining as well as educational. Therefore, kinds of movies I consider as good movies are those so-called edutainment movies. By watching such movies, not only can I have a great time, but I can also learn something useful. In addition, I can be sure that the time and the money I spend watching movies are well spent because such movies are really worth watching

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