What makes you different from other applicants? Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

Whenever I have sought feedback regarding my performance and achievements I have been told that my biggest strength lies in my ability to understand the intent of any project, master the details and organize and pursue a well-developed plan. I have outstanding organizational skills. I am able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. My greatest strengths acquired through education are good analytical and planning skills. This has benefited me by teaching me to stretch myself and achieve difficult targets.

My personal values include hard work, persistence and honesty.  I have worked on many innovative reports with my classmates. I not only headed most of these projects but also ensured their success by demonstrating leadership abilities that my classmates both admired and respected. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences because it gives me a chance to learn about their perspectives and style of working.

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 I strive for continual growth and improvement in everything I set my heart to.My areas of development include impatience with people who don’t keep their commitments. However, I have learnt to be tactful and understanding while delegating tasks and asking for feedback. I’m a little too competitive which is often misunderstood as being ruthless. This stems from my need to be a perfectionist.

My perfectionist nature sometimes creates undue stress and anxiety and affects my ability to focus on the tasks at hand.If you are looking for a candidate whose strengths supercedes his weaknesses than I am the perfect choice.

Author: Ida Graham


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