What makes home feel so special

Topic: Family
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Last updated: March 5, 2019

There is no place like home. This is the saying that always rings on my ears. The home where I grow up really brings good impact to my life. I cannot forget the good memories that I have had with my parents especially with my mother because this is the place where I learn how to love and be loved. Moreover, as I lie here in bed thinking about the contents of my life, I can truly say that this is the best home I have been; a home full of love and concern with each member of the family. I can say that though our home is not that fancy as others but it is showered with contentment and joy. My home is the first place where I take my first step and it is my witness of who really I am.From all the great times I have spend with my family, to all the amazing places that I have been, I can truthfully say that my memories in the home where I grow up is worth remembering for.

Now that I am older, there are so many things in life that remind me of my home and my family and that make me very happy and proud. As I begin to reminisce the past, I can happily say that my life is been blessed for having a family and a home founded with love. I realized too that that there are certain little things that remind me of home and what makes it so special to me. 

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