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Last updated: February 10, 2019

When can we say that a country is ready for a change? When do we fully understand that change is inevitable? When can we assure ourselves that we finally took the chance to accept change and embrace it with all our hearts? Perhaps we can never predict the time when all of this will happen and yet we can always do something to make these things happen. In life there are choices we can make and it is in our hands whether we will let everything become just another cliché or we will move forward with different characters leading a remarkable story.It was a long debate on who will run for the democrats as president.

It was a long ride before finally the country chooses who must run as the democrat president. Majority voted for Barack Obama and from then on, the debate become not just a seasonal exchange of thoughts but a never ending agreement and disagreements between the people of America. The people of United States of America made a decision which shocked the whole world. Apparently there had been no black president in the entire history of the most powerful nation. This is the first time that someone from the black race was chosen as a candidate for president and now he won as the country’s newly elected president.

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Finally, someone with the name Barack Obama took refuge as the man leading the richest country in the whole world. He finally had a chance to oversee the rest of the society with the hope that he can make a difference together with the entire population. However it is not an easy challenge for Barack Obama. He stood before several criticisms and insults regarding his leadership. Moreover, his color became part of the never ending debate. Is America ready for a black president?No matter what his color is I do believe that he can make a good president and that he can make a difference. Whether it is in the field of economy, education or health, Barack Obama has a plan of making a difference by building a change in the country.

In this moment of truth, I think, America is ready for a black president because a change in the leadership I think will lead to some changes in the society. He once said in his campaign: “It’s time to put government back in your hands, where it belongs. If we want to have policies that are good for the American people, then we need the American people to help shape those policies.” This only proves us that he intends not to cause too much authority to the people but asks for the help of the people to move forward and support him. Policies will be made for the people and not entirely for the interest he cares for.Let us not close ourselves from the possibilities of change because change is not caused by just one person but with the help of the rest of the society. In this light, Barack Obama as our new president needs the support of the rest of the people and the trust we can offer him.

A country was never an one man organization but a group of people with the common goal. Obama offers us several choices and all we have to do is believe that he can make a difference for his people.In the middle of the crown comprised of white people, someone will always stand out not because he is tall but because in the world where black people were used as accessories, his color will stand out and make him shine. In the case of our newly elected president, Barack Obama will be in the white house, a black president with the goal of making a difference.

Inside the entirely white palace is a man who has a heart like gold pounding not for his personal biases and interests but for the whole people of America. The middle class will now be sure that there is someone who will look over them and the rest of the society will not be bothered with their healthcares anymore because the president has a plan for everything that concerns his people.The journey to success starts in little steps and finally he reached that success, a new road opens for him and again he will start his journey with us.References“Barack Obama’s Plan for America: The Blueprint for Change”.;


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