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Last updated: February 15, 2019

X-Stream is a well off computer retailing company based in Auckland that operated through direct retailing and distribution to other independent computer sellers in New Zealand and Australia. Gil Reihana who also happens to be the founder of the whole business firm heads X-Stream.

As the boss and founder, Gil Reihana among all of the members of the firm expresses most sentimentality regarding the business. Due to his personal attachment to the whole business, Gil Reihana always aim to become the ideal employee of the whole firm by coming early to work and leaving late for home. His initial investment of $300, 000 is not enough to launch the business; he insisted some of his relatives to put in some of their savings to his company and he started to hire a team that he sees to be the most fit for the job.

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In the end, Gil Reihana was able to put up a team subdivided to key divisions that all equally play vital parts in the whole business.Denise Commins serves as the company’s as the company’s financial officer. Denise’s general attitude in the workplace is maternal and more mature given that she is the oldest of the team.

Reihana gave the marketing department to Don Head; he is known for his cutthroat business attitude that insures the success of every X-Stream’s product launch. Jason Palu handles production management issues by becoming one of the team’s quality conscious members. He is known to put more importance in meeting requirements and deadlines over the general well being of the production staffs. Finally, Heather Berkowitz assumes the role of the team’s web designer. She does not favor working in the X-Stream’s office but she gets her tasks loads done at home. Amidst the differences of X-Stream’s staffs, Gil Reihana is contented with the output that each division is able to contribute in the whole business.

The team members also share the same contentment with Reihana since the workplace is usually less stressful due to the informal setup even during management meetings. However, just like any other offices and workplaces X-Stream need to address work related problems. This research paper will provide a potential course action needed to be taken by Gil Reihana in mitigating the damages that can be caused by the work related problems in X-Stream.Issues.

There are four problems present in the X-Stream case, one primary and three secondary but equally important problems. The primary conflict arises when Jason Palu advised to postpone the launching of X-Stream’s top of the line laptop X-MH due to possible microchip defects. Palu deems continuing the launch would mean disaster for the whole business since it would compromise its reputation of quality services and products.

The conflict involves the head of the marketing department, Don Head, since he has already planned and scheduled the launch of the new product. Head sees that the launch would be a success and does not need to be postponed for the sake of minor possible defects. Additional problems include a legal lawsuit over consultancy and development fees for services vouched by Ramesh Patel, a newly recruited team member, resentment over Palu’s leadership and a collaboration of resent by Palu and Head regarding the resources diverted to the software division.

Gil Reihana knows that even if these problems are highly work-related, personal issues still play their share of the problem. In fact, Gil Reihana cannot stop comparing the old original team to X-Stream’s present team members.Analysis. Taking all of these problems into consideration, this research paper deems that all of X-Stream’s problems can be addressed by integrating workplace management to X-Stream with particular foci on the importance of information and effective leadership and management.

The problem with the X-MH launching date could have been addressed more effectively when set apart from the departmental interests of Head and Palu. Addressing the problem in Patel’s vouched fees should be conducted based on the company’s policies regarding outsourcing. The leadership strategy of Jason Palu should have been checked earlier to lessen the chances of unwanted resignations and workplace hostilities. Finally, the resources problem of Head and Palu should have been addressed though proper business information dissemination. These are the “ought to be” situations in the case of X-Stream; these will be used in this research paper to set a perfect stage for its solutions and recommendations.Solutions.

The harm has been done and the damage is irrevocably permanent to the whole X-Stream team. Addressing these problems will insure that the same problems will arise anytime soon. In the actual case, Reihana integrated Alkina Bennelong to the team to aid in addressing the imminent problems of the team. Bennelong suggested a complete overhaul of the workplace structure to insure that everyone will not only be productive, but also professional. The team greeted the proposal with resistance because most of them love the way they do things.

This research paper applauds Gil Reihana for having the courage to put aside his personal attachments to the business and accept that there is something wrong with the business structure. The solution to the problems of X- Stream lies with Gil Reihana’s full support to the proposition of Bennelong. In doing so, Gil Reihana lives up to the performance management solution pushed forth in this research paper.

Recommendations:  The diversity in the X-Stream workplace requires a leadership that can address and recognize the potential benefits and problems of having a diverse team composition (Mason & Ruderman, 2004, p. 102). Leaders such as Gil Reihana must initiate organizational changes to insure that the present organizational structure can still house the diversity of the whole team (Mason & Ruderman, 2004, pp. 100-104). One of the most effective organizational changes that new age leadership can adapt is performance management. Performance management is a flexible management system that insures the achievement of organizational goals by empowering every individual in the organization (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2009, p.

3). This process is dependent on the organizational settings of organizations; the attempt of Bennelong and Reihana to map out the structural flaws of X-Stream such as seen in its recruitment policies and personnel management policies embodies the start of the launch of performance management. Adapting a customized performance management system to fit X-Stream will insure that the problems at hand will be properly addressed and solved. Performance management puts stress on the importance of team communication in identifying, confronting and solving problems (Precision Group, 2010).

Going back to the case at hand, following this research paper’s recommendations would yield these outcomes. The conflict due to the launched of X-MH can be easily solved through interdepartmental efforts to find a compromise situation to address both marketing and producing issues. The vouched fee problem can be determined through policy positions regarding outsourcing; the more professional new business structure would provide the proper course of action. The rift between Palu and his staff will be mitigated due to the innovative leadership techniques included in performance management.

Fostering interdependence among departments insures that the departmental interests of Head and Palu will not come in the professional aspect of their work. Finally, the performance management system to be adapted through Bennelong empowers Reihana to put things back the way he wants; X-Stream will be productive and fun once again.BibliographyChartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2009. Performance Management in Action.

[Online] (Updated 2009)Available at: http://www.

pdf[Accessed 13 August 2010]Mason, D. C., & Ruderman, M. N, 2004.

Leadership in a Diverse Workplace. In M. S. Stockdale, & F. J. Crosby, The Psychology and Managment of Workplace Diversity.

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