Management of Hospitality Organization

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Last updated: June 7, 2019

Learning Outcomes Knowledge and Understanding- On successful completion of this module, students will be able to: a) Demonstrate the understanding of centrality of individual behaviour vis-a-vis organisational functioning and effectiveness. b) Examine the relationship between individuals and the organization in which they belong by a review of the concepts and issues that influence human behaviour resulting in individual differences. c) Develop an understanding on how individuals work in groups and the dynamics of groups. ) Understand the contribution of organisation processes and systems in achieving organisational goals. Ability e) Analyse and compare the diverse functions of management and their impact on organisational success.

f) Critically examine the continuous improvement of effectiveness in organisations and their members at the corporate level and evaluate the way various service organisations function. g) Appreciate processes and methods that can improve the behaviour and attitudes of organisational members and, thus, their effectiveness. ) Develop and enhance managerial skill as an organisational member and a manager and judge/appreciate the organisational work perspective i) Apply relevant organisational ideas, concepts and theories to the work situation and present solutions to organisational behaviour problems Module Aim To develop the understanding of hospitality organisations amongst students and also how individuals in an organisation react differently in the professional environment Assessment Criteria A. Formative Assessment Test, case study, movie reviews, book review, quiz, class presentations B.Summative Assessment 1. Report: Students will present a report pertaining to understanding individuals in context to the organisation, group dynamics and how organisation systems and processes contribute towards achieving organisational goals and the overall success of the chosen organisation. A case analysis too will be discussed here. Will cover the following learning outcome a), b), c), d), and e) – 40%.

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2. Exam: On completion of the course, an exam will be conducted to assess student’s preparedness for final exams on analysing situations, hypothetical and real, using knowledge.Student’s mental ratios and logical depth pertaining to hospitality issue will be analysed. Will f), g), h) and i) – 60% Learning Strategy The learning process will be facilitated with the help of lectures, seminars, case study, workshops and also guest lectures. Indicative


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