Management in the News

Throughout this paper I will be discussing a health care management issue.

I will summarize the issues and describe the manager’s role, as well as the motivation theory that applies to the health care management issue. I will also be discussing what motivation theory could have been applied in order to resolve the problem.According to the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore is set to lose its oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service provider. According to the Sun, the Health Education Resource Organization (HERO), which provides services to as many as 3,000 people annually and was once considered a model for international groups will close on Wednesday because of funding and management problems. The Sun reports that private donations to HERO have decreased as HIV/AIDS has become a more manageable disease. In addition, although the organization used to be the only one of its kind, there are now about one dozen or more similar clinics and organizations in the city. The Sun reports that a financial scandal five years ago “left questions about the organization’s management practices, further impeding its ability to raise money.

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” It was also revealed this summer that HERO sometimes failed to make payroll and pay its subcontractors. According to the Sun, the city Health Department earlier this month concluded that the organization “was in such dire shape that its federal grant money should be pulled, leaving it all but penniless.” (Medical News, 2008).

After reviewing the article it is believed that management was responsible for funding, payroll, and advertising, they managed . It seems as though HERO had applied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs motivation theory, which provided the consumers with a secure physical and emotional environment, belongingness, love, affection, and acceptance. The motivation theory that should have been applied is the Learned Need Theory by John W. Atkinson. The Learned Need Theory would allow for Energy Reserve, Achievement, Power, and Affiliation. Although this issue can no longer be fixed, as HERO closed in 2008, the Learned Need Theory could have allowed for issues to be controlled.In health care or any organization issues are going to arise, the future outcome of the organization depends on how the issues are resolved.

Author: Erma Alvarez


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