Mandatory Seat Belt Laws

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Last updated: April 1, 2019

Every year thousands of Americans, if not hundreds of thousands, are seriously injured or killed due to the lack of seat belt usage. Some states in the United States have a law that requires only the driver to wear a seat belt, and some require only passengers of a certain age to wear one.

Wearing a seat belt should not be considered just an age issue, it should be considered important for all people inside a vehicle to wear one. The states that are the smartest are definitely the ones that require everyone to wear one, regardless of their age or their placement inside the vehicle.The United States as a whole, not just states individually, should pass a law mandating all people inside a motor vehicle to wear a seatbelt. At least twice a year the United States Navy requires that a “safety stand-down” be administered to each and every one of its’ commands. At these safety stand downs they have numerous people come up to talk about all kinds of safety issues, whether it be fire, boating, or electrical safety, the biggest issue is always motor vehicle safety.

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Oftentimes they have a local or state police officer come up to the stage and show a series of videos depicting gruesome accidents that almost always involve deaths from not wearing a seatbelt. The military also has a strict policy on seatbelts, as every service member and their passengers are required to wear a seatbelt not only on base, but also off base. Since the military can enforce such a law, why can’t the Legislature? If someone were to search the internet for the statistics on seatbelts, they would find that the more likely someone is to wear a seatbelt, the more likely it is going to save their lives.Now anyone can argue that if you were to be so unlucky as for your car to fall into a river, lake, or any body of water, that your seatbelt would impair you and not help you.

This is why people should also carry an emergency kit inside their car, one that has a hammer to break glass and also has a knife to cut the seatbelt. Many people also argue that seatbelts are not comfortable; well that is why there are seatbelt pads available! Wearing a seatbelt should not be an issue of comfort, what is most important is the life saving ability that it has.If more people were to wear seatbelts, then many more people would be alive today. It is possible for a vehicle to be at full capacity, with all but one person in the back seat wearing a seatbelt, and that one person could possibly kill everyone else in the car in an accident. The United States Government should pass a law mandating that every single person in a car must wear a seat belt. If this were to happen, then many lives in the future could be saved.


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