Market Research

Dove Dual Users Cassette 1 — Side A. M: If you would like to say something like that. R: No. M: Let start with introduction, tell me about yourself? R: My name Deepali.

I am a housewife and I have one daughter. M: So you stay close by… where you stay? R: Yes, Santacruz. M: And what about you? R: Hi. I am Disha, I am in nuclear family and I am a housewife. M: What is your husband doing? R: He is working in bank, HDFC bank.

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M: Okay. R: Hi, myself Ruby Wansang, I leave with my children. M: Okay. R: My name is Deepti, I am living in a joint family and I am a housewife. M: Do you children’s?R: Yes. I have two kids. One is small and other one go to school, she is in first standard.

M: Okay. R: My name is Geeta and I am from joint family and I have two kids. M: Do they go to school? R: Yes. One is in fifth and one is in fourth standard.

M: Okay. R: Hi, I am Tina, stay with join family, I have one son. M: What are your hobbies? R: Listening music, shopping, watching TV. M: Okay. R: Myself Monika, I have two kids, and I stay in a joint family. M: How old are your kids? R: One is 10 year old and one is 8 year old.

M: Okay. R: Myself Aarti, I am living with joint family and I have two kids.One is going to play school and other one is in third standard. M: Okay. Let’s now begin with the discussion; did you all know personal care products? R: Yes. M: After listening, “to care of yourself”, what comes in your mind first? R: Cream. R: Sunscreen.

R: Perfume. R: Moisturizer. R: Shampoo. R: Soap. M: Okay.

Other then that? R: Face wash. M: After listening to word “Personal”, what all words come into mind? R: Skin care. R: Hair care. M: Okay. So you said moisturizer, skin care, sunscreen and what else? R: Face wash. M: What else? R: Shampoo.

R: Conditioner. R: Soap. R: Scrub. M: Scrub and what else? R: Face pack.M: What are the brand names you people say, to take of yourself? R: Lakme.

R: L’Oreal, Garnier, Avon, Revlon. R: Ponds. R: Revlon. R: Dove. M: Ponds, Avon, Dove? R: Revlon. M: Other then that? R: Sunsilk. M: What all products do you know? R: Pantene. R: Pears.

M: Is there any brand related to face wash? R: Johnson ; Johnson. R: L’Oreal. R: Ponds. R: Lakme with strawberry one. M: Other then that, someone said about soaps, what are the brands in soaps? R: Dove.

R: Cinthol. R: Pears. R: Lux, Nivea. R: Dettol, Savlon. M: And you said about the conditioners also, what are they? R: Garnier, Avlon. R: Sunsilk. R: Pantene.

R: Dove. R: Revlon. M: What are the types of brands in shampoo? R: Dove. R: Sunsilk. R: Pantene.

R: Garnier. M: Okay. I have four buckets, okay, this one which I am using now at present and this one now which I am going to use, though it is not my brand, that mean if I am not getting my brand then I can use this one, okay and this one I will not use this brand and this one is the brand which I like the most. Means I am using this one or not it doesn’t relate to anything but I thought this brand is good one, okay this four, I got four buckets, now just tell me fast, brands which you have told me will go in to which buckets.Okay, you said Johnson & Johnson this will go in which buckets.

Is that you are using currently? R: Yes. I am using it. M: So you are using it, which product you are using? R: Face wash. M: Is there anybody who are using this? R: No. The children are using this products; they prefer they will use that. M: Okay.

But now I am talking only about you? Okay, so you are saying that you are using the face wash and for all others where it will go? R: Good brands. R: We use it or not, but it is a good brand. M: Okay, and what about Lakme where it will go? R: Good product. R: We are using Lakme, but rarely.M: Which I admire the most that type of brands you have to tell or this is the best brand or it can be substitute, if my brand is not available, I can use other one. R: Substitute. M: Okay. Nivea are using it, can do, or not? R: No, but might be.

R: No. M: Okay. Why you are saying that, you will not use Nivea? R: See the cream is becoming very oily.

R: We get pimples in our face. M: Okay and what about others? R: Same thing. M: Lotus where it will go? R: Good brand.

R: I use this brand sunscreen. R: I am using face wash. R: I am using scrub.

M: Okay, for you the Lotus will come in this bucket and for others where it will go?R: We are using face wash, but there is no good new brand. M: Rest of you? R: Substitute. M: Okay, what is there in Lotus that you can use this? R: It’s modern. R: When I heard review from many of them, so it’s genuinely good. R: Facial kit is good. M: Okay and what else? R: All the varieties.

M: Okay and tell me one or two products name? R: Face wash, creams. R: Sunscreen is very popular. M: Why Sunscreen is so popular? R: Because they have SPF-30. R: SPF-150. M: Have you ever used it? R: Yes. M: Okay, and what about the Pantene where it will go? R: We can use it as a substitute.

It’s good. R: Good.M: What is the quality in Pantene, that you say it is good brand? R: It’s good. R: Give good result.

M: Good means? R: Temporary look is good, don’t know about future. R: The day we wash it looks very good and it’s give also good result, shining, smooth. R: It’s strong for long term use. M: Okay and what about others why you can’t use Pantene? R: Because we didn’t use it. M: Okay. But did you hear anything about that? R: Yes, we heard about it, but we didn’t use it. R: Pantene is for hair-care, but not for skin-care M: Yes, I am talking about Pantene shampoo, you said that you can use it, you can think about it?R: But the end result is good.

M: Okay. What do you want to say? R: In this we can get the varieties, transparent bottle I have seen that, I will compare it with international brand. R: It’s an international brand, not an Indian brand. M: Rest of you agree with this, that Pantene is international brand? R: Yes, international brand. R: Good.

M: Okay, and what about Camay where it will go, are you currently using it? R: No, we didn’t use it yet. R: And in future also we didn’t use it? R: I will never use the Indian one. M: Which one? R: Camay soaps. M: Why you are saying that, you will never use Camay? R: Because the smell is very strong.

R: When we have so much of other product, good varieties, why to buy this one. R: I think so, compared to that its better we can use the Park Avenue that’s much better, it’s Indian but good. M: So, why you are saying that we will never use it? R: Quality is not good. In India the quality that they made is totally fake, you can see the difference compare to other brand? M: What type of difference you think? R: The fragrance, the effects, you don’t feel fresh. R: Dry. R: It’s not after effect. R: If you take other one, at least it remains for 20-25 minutes, but in Indian one, you had bathe or no it’s the same. R: You don’t feel fresh.

M: Okay and what will be the effect to the skin? R: Its becomes normal, neither become dry, nor good. So, I don’t like the quality. You like the soap which keeps you fresh for longer time. M: So, what is there in soap, that you say its good, it gives freshness? R: See, actually after having a bath, you feel fresh and ready for you work kind of feeling. R: Fragrance. R: Moisturizer. R: Shiny skin.

R: Because we don’t have that much time in daily routine life, after bath, use moisturizer and that. R: It nourishes. R: It removes dirt from your skin, it should keep your skin very clean, that should be there in soap.R: I am using Dove, Camay is anyhow not available. R: Camay is just like soap. M: Okay and what about this brand Head & Shoulders? R: It’s good. R: Brand is good.

M: What so good about it? R: It is good for dandruff we can use this, it’s very good for that and it gives good results also. So we can use as a substitute also. M: Okay. What about the Pears? R: Winter. M: Only for winter? R: Yes, it’s a good brand. M: What do you mean by that? R: It’s good.

We can use this in winter? M: And what about you? R: Same. M: So do you use that? R: Yes, in winter. M: Okay, so from these four where it will come?R: Substitute. R: It’s good. R: Good. M: What is the definition of good from your point of view? R: It’s good but we are not using it.

R: There is no problem in using it. R: If our brand is not available, then we can use it as substitute. M: No, suppose if you want to use it then? R: Yes, then it will go to substitute. M: Okay. R: I will put this into substitute.

M: Okay, I just want to ask you whether you will recommend this to others? R: No. We have not yet used, so how can we say. M: Okay, but the people who try it and use it then? R: I like the advertisement of the Pears. M: Okay.I know about you, but the people who didn’t decide yet whether they will use it or not, I just want to ask them only? R: See it’s a good brand, but sometime we have to buy it, we will buy it. M: Whether you will use it or not? R: I will use it. R: I will not.

R: I will take it in stock, because it available very rarely. M: Okay. R: If there is any offer with this product then we will use it. M: Okay, but in your mind it’s a very high quality and good brand? R: Yes.

R: Its is good. R: The cost of this is 35 Rupees. M: Okay. R: The cost is only 35 Rupees. R: In short it’s not bad.

R: It’s a good brand. M: Okay, is that your special brand? R: If it’s a special then we will use it. R: There is one more in blue color, menthol one. M: Okay, could you think good about this brand? R: People will think about it, because Pears is not a dull brand. That we can’t even think. M: Okay. Now let’s say you want to use this brand or no, so it will be of my type or no? R: Yes. M: Currently I am wearing gold jewellery, but I can also wear diamond jewellery and currently I want to purchase a diamond ring, so do you think that kind of impression is there in this?R: Diamond is something different, we are using dove, but above of that if there is any other brand, we can think of it.

M: So you mean its gold? R: Yes. M: Okay, Dabur Vatika? R: Never. R: No. M: What about others? R: Yes, never.

M: What is the impression of this brand? R: No. R: Bad impression. M: Why? R: The oil is not good. R: I don’t like the smell. The smell is very strong. M: What is Dabur Vatika.

R: Soap. R: Shampoo is also there. R: I am talking about both.

R: I have only heard about Dabur Shampoo, Vatika shampoo, its about green color bottle, I have not yet seen a soap. R: Oil and shampoo.R: Image is mostly of oil.

M: Okay. R: See the image of the Dabur, it is only for oil, not the shampoo. M: Okay, so where it will go? R: No use. M: Okay, what about Lux? R: No use. M: What is the reason that you will not use the Dabur Vatika? R: The impression of course. M: Why you don’t want to go? R: The oil is good it non-sticky, but other products are not so good.

M: Okay. R: See we can go for oil because it’s not so sticky. M: But you told me that you will not use the Dabur Vatika? R: Yes, but not much, it will not our first preference.

R: Other products are there, it is not just the only brand.R: There are many substitute of this, like Hair & Care, Parachute advance is there. R: Parachute advance. R: Dabur shampoo, we will say no to it? M: Okay. Did you have any experience towards this brand? R: No. M: What is the quality that you say I will only use the oil? R: Because the oil is good and it’s not sticky. M: And what about the shampoo? R: No we not use the shampoo of that brand. M: Okay and what else? R: There are no varieties.

R: It’s a very typical Indian look. M: Okay. R: The old people will trust Dabur, because it’s hearbal and old product.

M: But what about you? R: We will go to modern brand.M: Okay, and what about Lux? R: No there is nothing in Lux, the skin will become much dry. R: Non-innovative. M: Okay, so where it will go, in which bucket? R: Third bucket. It’s not innovative. M: Okay, where it will go? R: No use.

M: Okay, you said it gives brightness, so what about others? R: Yes. The same thing and it melt soon. R: In past we have used it a lot, but not now. M: Okay. R: Actually before two or three years we are using the Lux, and I think in soap the Lux is the first brand which change the shape.

M: Okay. R: And on that time people are crazy about it, because of the beauty soap.M: So what happened that the craze comes down? R: The variety. Because what we want in that brand we didn’t get that, so that’s why.

R: We were using it long back like 25 years, that time we were searching for something new. M: You mean soap doesn’t give you a good effect. R: Yes. R: Dryness. R: There are no varieties.

M: Okay and what about Dettol? R: It’s like hospital. R: When we fell sick we will use it. R: We will keep it, but we will not use it. R: Hand-wash and liquid we will use it regularly. M: Okay, so you will keep it at home? R: Yes, and we will use it for hand wash. M: Okay, so can I put it in current bucket?R: Yes.

M: Okay, and what about Avon? R: Good brand. R: We are not using it, but it’s a good brand. M: Where it will go? R: Under good, we didn’t use it but it’s good. M: Why it’s good? Did you try it? R: No, but when we see if any products we can say that it’s good or not. R: I use it, the lipstick is good.

R: There is a variety in products. R: Quality is there. M: Okay, when you use it why did you feel it’s good quality? R: It’s an international brand. And it’s fairly price. R: And even it’s not a common product, you have to buy it from outlet. M: Okay. So they have outlets of Avon? R: Yes.You can’t purchase it from mall, it like a Amway product.

R: You can purchase it from mall or medical shop, for this brand you have to go to the special outlets. R: Same of Oriflame. M: Okay, so you like this products, why it is good? R: Yes, but long back. R: Oriflame deo is good. R: Face wash is good. M: You like that product and what about Sunsilk? R: We are tired of using that brand, and now we are not using it. R: We use so many sachets of Sunsilk during college time. M: Okay, in which bucket it will go? R: Cross one.

M: Why? R: Because they give new ads, they give new products, but we use the same thing.M: Why are you tired of using the Sunsilk shampoo? R: For so many years I am using this, if you we buy the yellow one the same smell will be there and the same look and the same results. Now they launched a new product called Sunsilk expert. M: So where it will go? R: In current use. M: What about Garnier? R: Substitute. M: Why it is substitute? R: It’s a good brand. R: Good result. M: What do you mean by that? R: It gives good result.

We didn’t hear any complaints from the people who were using it. R: Garnier cream is very good. M: How would you come to know that the Garnier cream is good? R: Because I use the Garnier cream.M: Okay, so you use it. R: Yes, the hair color of Garnier is also good. I use the red color. M: Okay and what about you? R: Yes, I also use the hair color.

M: Okay, for you the cream and lotion you are using currently, but why the other people are saying that it’s a substitute type of brand? R: I don’t know. M: Okay, you don’t agree with that, why and where it will go? R: I will not use it. M: Why? R: See I have never heard from anybody about this product, I am using the Dove product but I didn’t hear from any friends or relatives that it’s a good brand. M: Okay. Did you hear any negative thing about it?R: No. M: Okay so you didn’t hear any negative nor good about this brand? R: Yes. M: And what about Amway? R: It’s good. R: Oriflame, is good.

M: Why you are saying like that? R: They all are outlet products. M: So outlet product means? R: International brand it has good effect. R: We heard about it M: Did you ever use it? R: No. R: No, I didn’t. M: How is your experience? R: Good.

R: See Amway is very costly and its have so many products like past, shampoos, etcetera. R: First it came in bottle, but now they are…. R: It’s very expensive.

M: Okay and what about the Ponds? R: Good brands. R: Good.M: Good mean where it will go? R: If we want to buy an talcum, so we will think of Ponds. M: Ponds you will think for talcum, for rest of the things? R: No.

M: Okay and then where it will go? Did all of you use the Ponds talc? R: Yes, we did. R: Yes, we are. R: Yes, we do.

For children also we are using the pounds talc, it not like we have not taken it. M: Yes, but you are not using it currently? R: No. R: Yes. M: So where it will go? R: Substitute. R: Substitute. M: Which brand do you use in talc? R: Lavender.

R: Now their packaging is also been changed. M: What about L’Oreal? R: Good brand. R: Good brand.M: Where it will go, among this four bucket? R: With Amway. R: It’s good we can use it. M: Are you using it currently? R: I am using it. R: Hair color. R: Lipsticks.

M: And what is the thing in L’Oreal that you say this is a good brand? R: The name itself shows how good it is. M: How would you come to know? R: International. R: The image, it’s an international brand, if somebody ask which brand do you use then we say L’Oreal and they think that our status is very high. M: Okay, so you didn’t get all these from any other brands? R: No, only from L’Oreal and also from Avon and Revlon, but it attracts more.M: Okay, now we are going to discuss about other brands also. Okay, first of all I want to know about the Dove brand. So as you said you are all using Dove, when you hear about the Dove then what is the first thing that comes to your mind? R: Pure skin, moisturizer.

R: More softness. R: First the white image, the shape of Dove. R: There is moisturizer in soap. R: We remember the advertisement while we are using this. M: Okay, so you remember the advertisement and what else? R: It melts but then also we are using it. R: Yes. M: Why? R: It melts a lot. R: Because we get the moisturizer in it and the skin become smooth and soft.

R: It continuously melt, but moisturizer is very good. M: Okay, but then to you are using it? R: Yes. R: Result is good. M: And what else? R: Moisturizer. R: The picture of the pigeon. M: Where do you see that picture? R: On the soap box. R: On soap. M: Okay, what is that mean? R: Like how the white pigeon is very soft, so like that we also feel very soft when we are using that soap, purity.

M: And what else? R: Symbolizes purity. R: Natural. R: Very cute and non-aggressive. M: Okay.

R: The behavior is very quite. M: So how do you know about the happiness? R: It’s mild and smooth and no side effects.It take care of the skin. M: Okay so you mean it will not attack you skin.

Where do you get to know about the Dove? R: By seeing the ads. Now they are showing more ads. R: Advertisement.

M: Do you remember what they show in the advertisement? R: Yes, there is a lady of 30 years of age and her skin becomes dull and rough and after applying the Dove the skin become smooth. R: Mostly after 25 years we start searching for all this product and we just think about Dove. M: Okay so you already heard about it so that’s why you are buying the Dove? R: We have used it. R: Yes, we heard about it. First we see the ad and then we use it.M: Okay, so you have the experience of using the Dove so that’s why you come to know, but what about your friends maybe they are not using it, so what will be the impression on their mind of Dove? R: Mild. R: More mild. R: They think it’s mild.

R: It has moisturizer. R: The only disadvantage is it melt soon. M: Okay. Somebody says there is soap of Dove and there is cream also? R: Yes, there is soap. R: Cream, shampoo is there.

R: Hair cream is there. M: Okay. R: And the face wash product is also there. R: Dove has face wash, though it is not available here, but it has in international market. M: Okay and what else is there in Indian market?R: Shampoo conditioner is there, shampoo.

R: Shampoos, soap and conditioner just are there in Mumbai. M: Okay. The Dove brand is competitive with which brands? R: With soap there is no competition with other brands. M: Why are you saying that? R: Because, what affect the Dove is giving there is no other brand is giving that affect.

R: Johnson & Johnson goes. M: Okay. R: But Johnson & Johnson goes with it. M: Okay. R: Most of the people think that which soaps melt fast is not a good soap, but the fact is in which the chemical is more that soap will not melt fast, but in this soap there is no chemical, it’s pure, so it melt fast.M: Okay. R: But I think Dove goes with Johnson & Johnson by comparison.

M: Okay. R: Yes, actually it is for children, because if you match the quality and purity then you will find this also in Johnson & Johnson. R: Yes, Wipro is also there. M: But in market which other brand is competitive to Dove, which is the closest competitor? R: I think the Dove has no competition with soap but it can compete with other brands for hair color and other creams, so it lost in their ways. R: It can be with Pears, but Pears is so outdated, that it is lost in the race. So there is no competition in soap.

M: Okay, I am not asking about soap I am asking about the quality wise? R: The quality wise it will be Sunsilk, L’Oreal. R: Sunsilk, Pantene. R: L’Oreal R: I think I will go with Pantene, because of there is one Lively hair for hair therapy, for hair damage that goes with… I am confused with Garnier and Pantene, because Garnier is also taking care of hair breakage, and you can see in advertise also so by seeing that ad there is so much of similarities in Pantene. M: Okay, but that’s only for hair experts, but…. R: In Sunsilk also the hair damage therapies is also there in seven experts.

So we can say that it’s a tough competition.R: I feel with L’Oreal. M: Why so? R: Because the damage hair, Serum and the hair fall is of L’Oreal, but these all are same like Dove.

M: Okay. So we’ll take another brand… I am asking about the Dove, what are the main strong points in that? R: It’s mild. R: No side effects.

R: Moisturizer. R: More of natural. R: No artificial colors. R: It suits to all skin. M: You said about the moisturizer, where it came from? How would you come to know? R: It written. R: It’s written on the shampoo bottle and also on the packet of the soap.

R: Soap, shampoo and other product. R: Its written in ingredients. M: Which ingredients?R: Dove, shampoo. R: Shampoo, soap both. R: I am using dry therapy its written, one-fourth milk conditioner. M: Okay, and what are the qualities of Dove? R: Price range is okay. R: Not harsh.

R: Second there is not much of chemical, so that’s why I called it natural, because there no chemicals, no colors. M: So do you all agree that the Dove is natural? R: Yes. R: No.

R: It doesn’t affect skin, so we think it’s natural. M: Okay and what about others? R: Same feeling. M: Okay.

Is there anything that you don’t like in Dove? R: It melts fast. R: I think so they will say it, if you want pure, then it will melt.M: And anything else apart from melting? R: I think I didn’t hear any complaints from other people. R: Not yet heard anything. M: Okay and what you think about it? R: Same. M: What will happen if it melts? R: Children’s don’t like.

R: The soap with finished fast and it’s very costly. R: And it’s very difficult to catch once it gets wet. R: It gets stuck with soap case. M: Okay. Is there any negative thing? R: There is only one color. R: I think there should be Dove body-wash also.

M: Okay, suppose if I got a magic stick and I just turn the Dove into a person, so tell me which type of person it will be?R: It will be lady. R: Fairy type. R: I mean a woman. M: So what would be the qualities of these women, what is her age and what type of cloths she will be wearing? R: Soft cloths.

R: She looks soft. R: Cute, delicate. R: Princess, fairy. M: Okay and what else, which type of cloths, she is wearing? R: White gown. R: Down pattern.

R: Simple and sober. M: What will be her age? R: 25 years of age. R: 18-20. R: 20-21. M: Okay, is she married? R: Unmarried. M: Okay, she will be very rich or so, so… R: Rich, sophisticated. M: And what type of relationship she will have with others?And how she will maintain her relationship? R: Soft again.

R: Very warm and friendly. R: Helpful. R: Polite. M: Okay.

What kind of personality she might be having? R: Very attractive. M: Attractive to look at. Okay, what else, Will she be very educated or is it so? R: No, she may be educated but at the same time she is not proudy. M: Okay. Sounds interesting, suppose, she comes to stay here as your neighbor, how is your interaction going to be with her? Do you think that she will nicely mingle with you or will she be a introvert, happy to be herself? R: No, she will be nice to all.M: Okay, if I associate this brand with any TV serial… R: T. V serial? M: Yes, any serial that you see regularly. R: I do not watch or follow any TV serial.

M: Can’t you match it with any TV serial? R: I do not think so, till now nothing of that sort. But yes, you can ask to relate this brand to any actress, then we will say may be Katrina, Sushmita… R: I will relate her to Diya Mirza because she has got a bubbly face, you know, very smiley and all. Katrina is a little formal.

R: yes, I agree, because she is now 35 or 36 years of age but her skin still glowing, young, shiny and soft.M: You said something about Katrina, what is it? R: She looks imported and soft. She also got a clear skin.

M: Okay and if Dove turns to be an animal, which animal would it be? R: Rabbit M: Why? What are the qualities of a rabbit? R: It is white and soft. R: Any one would like to touch it. R: It is delicate and it never looks dirty. M: Okay, fine.

Now let us assume that all of you are sleeping, you are in deep sleep and in that, imagine that you are going to a different world all together and it is the world of Dove. What do you think, how is it going to look? Who all will be there, how is going to be the surrounding?R: there will be birds, flowers, something like Kashmir. R: There will be ice and snow every where.

M: But why ice? R: Because everything and everywhere here is, white. M: Okay. R: There will be white house as well.

M: How the people are going to be there? R: All will be cool and peaceful. M: What will be the age group? R: All age group, starting from children to elders. M: What kind of clothes they might be wearing? R: White, light pink or blue.

R: The dream world is always white every where. Even the birds will also be white in color. M: Do they belong to rich class or middle class or lower middle class?R: All will be rich only. R: Rich. M: Okay, thank you. Now whatever question and answers, we did just now, we will do the same for the Garnier as well. Tell me, when you think of Garnier, what comes to you mind or what type of thoughts come to you? R: Lemon R: I am not aware of that product.

M: Okay, those who know about it, what do you think of it? R: Nothing as such R: Lemon R: There are so many new products coming in to the market everyday. What to think and what not to? M: Is there any thing else you know about Garnier? R: Its shampoo and conditioners are good. Garnier light is also good.Here are so many variations in Garnier. M: What is your general opinion about Garnier? R: It is a good company and a part of L’Oreal. I can not say it is a bad company.

Now the company has come up wit a new product, that is shampoo with oil, all have seen that ad. M: So, what all these convey to you about the brand? R: See it is a popular brand. I can not say that it is not popular. people are quite satisfied with it. It has conditioners, F3, it has all the ranges. M: Any one you, ever used any of its product? R: Yes, I have used hair cream. R: Yes.

M: So, how is your experience with it? R: Very good.Even with the face cream also, the dark circles have reduced and the dark spots on the face as well. M: What is this Garnier oil plus shampoo? R: I have seen the advertisement. M: Anybody used it as of now? R: No M: What do you think of the Advertise? R: The concept is good but we do not know the end result. We are not sure whether it will work or not.

R: May be oil will be left on hair. Then what is the use? M: What make you think so? R: You tell me, why we use shampoo? First of all, to remove oil. So if it is oil plus shampoo, then oil will not be removed and the hair will remain sticky.So it would not be useful.

R: The product is good but will it able to deliver what sis is supposed to, is a question like the shinny effect on hair and softness. M: Okay, will you please tell me the name of Garnier products with which you are familiar? R: Garnier Fructis shampoo. R: Conditioners, Garnier cream or Garnier light. R: Garnier wrinkle lift, age lift. M: Are Garnier wrinkling lift and age lifts are two separate products? R: Yes, may be.

I am not sure. M: Okay, what else? R: Garnier living is also another product. M: What is that? R: I am not very sure about it. R: Garnier hair cream is also there.R: Hair color too, you have to just apply and leave it for 15 minutes M: Okay, anything else that you know of and forget to mention? R: I do not think so. M: Okay, fine then. The way I have asked you all for the Dove, which one do you think is comfortable for Garnier? R: It has only conditioners and creams but not soaps. M: So with which brand do you think, it can compete with? R: I think, it will have competition with shampoos and L’Oreal. M: Okay. What else? With whom it could have possible competition with? R: it will have competition with L’Oreal even in hair colors also.M: Okay, what else? R: May be in the areas of fairness creams. R: It may have competition with Fair And Lovely. M: So, which is the largest competitor? R: I think, more than Fair and Lovely, it is L’Oreal who gives a great challenge to Garnier. R: It has Color Soft and Streax as well. M: What are the color soft brands? R: One is Godrej M: What are the main qualities of Garnier? What are the positive points about it which you like the most? R: I like its lines in the ad- “Apna khayal Rakhna” just like the words “soft, soft” in dove. M: Right, tell me something about Garnier, what ever you know.I know that you might not have used all the products of Garnier but what ever you have used, tell us something about the brand, the information you know. R: It is a good brand. Again it is a L’Oreal brand. It associates with L’Oreal but it is brought to a Indian market, so it is a good brand with a affordable price, within reach brand. I would term it as popular brand. R: I have heard a lot about the conditioners which are really very good. R: It is a good package. M: Okay, anything else? R: Wide range, good quality. R: I have used Garnier light and I liked it very much.M: What is good about it that you liked? R: It is a fairness cream but works as a moisturizer as well. M: What words will you use to describe Garnier? R: I would say reasonable, I can not say expensive. M: Do all of you agree with her? R: Yes. R: Yes. Shampoos come for about 89 or 90 rupees. M: What are the short falls that you see in it? R: Nothing lacking or short fall in it but just the product advertisement which makes us buy the things. R: Yes. M: Okay. If I make Garnier a human being, how is it going to be? R: It is going to be a female. M: What will be the age group? R: 25 to 30.M: How is the personality going to be for this lady? R: A very common personality. R: She will have a attitude. M: What does that mean? What will she do then? R: She will not mix up properly and will not talk nicely. R: As said earlier, it is in a affordable price and every body would like to buy it but the only thing lacking is it is not stylish. but the new bottle is very good. M: Is she educated? R: Yes, well qualified. M: How is her background going to be? R: Educated and it has to be upper class. M: What would be her qualities? R: Good qualities only, nothing bad abut her personality.R: She is going to be successful but not very highly successful. M: Not very highly successful? R: Yes, she managed to capture the market but not to the extent of promotional success. M: What kind of clothes, she might be wearing? For dove you said white clothes. R: Yes, here it may be indo-western R: It would be of green color. M: How is her relationship going to be with family, friends and all others? R: She would be friendly and will mix with every one. M: And suppose, if she becomes your neighbor, how would you react? R: I too will be friendly with her. M: Will she help you if needed? R: Yes, she will.R: Yes. M: If you have to relate her to any actress, then who would you relate to? R: Madhuri Dixit. R: Priyanka Chopra a very wonderful and colorful personality. R: Priyanka Chopra. We can not judge her nature. M: So everybody agree with Priyanka Chopra? R: Yes. R: Yes. M: And which will be the animal? R: Peacock- very colorful. R: Kingfisher bird. R: Like a horse- very strong and always in the race. M: Okay. Now tell me how is the world of Garnier going to be? R: Natural greenery. it is going to be colorful with sunflower. M: How would one feel coming in to this world? R: Very relaxed, bright and sunny.M: Okay, will there be people around and if yes, what type of people? R: They will be happy in their own world both men and women. R: Yes they are happy. M: What would be the age? R: All age groups. M: So age wise no difference in the age factor between dove and Garnier. R: Yes, but people will be more happy there, but in Garnier people will be busy in their own works. M: Okay fine. Let us move to a different section. In this you have to think a little. You might have heard of some popular families like the Kapoor’s family or Bachchan family. So when you think of these families, you associate them with certain specific values.Similarly let us try to relate the brands with some values. If I say Dove, what are the things that are included in this family in terms of products? R: Soap, shampoo, conditioners, face wash, body wash… M: Let us talk about products which are easily available. Then it is going to be just soap, shampoo and conditioners. R: Right, only three. M: Okay. As we were talking about the family, every father passes some values to its son and vice versa. Similarly if we consider dove as family and father, what are its values that it passes to all its members? What are brand values? R: Moisturization.R: No side effects. R: Standard, quality control M: Okay. What else? R: Natural. R: No side effects. R: Not harmful. M: Okay. All right, but I want a little more clarity in this. Think, for instance this is the dove family. Let us revise again who all are there in the dove family like the shampoo, conditioner and soap. if we have call these three as sons in the family, then who will be the eldest son in the family? R: Soap M: Okay. First soap came. Then who followed him? R: Shampoo M: And then? R: Conditioner. M: Did they all came together or one after another? R: No, one after another.M: See; let’s think of soap as the eldest son in the family. The sons in the family inherit something from father and in return also give something to him. So, similarly what are the qualities the eldest son in the family inherited from father? R: Softness, purity, moisturizing, natural but not harmful… M: And what is it that soap has given back to the father in return? R: It has maintained the genuinity of the parent product. M: Okay, what others think on this? R: It has maintained the brand name as well as the image. M: Okay, anything else? Does the soap have different attributes or qualities?Say for instance, the children get the same values which parents give us. May be you have taught some values to your children. Can you name few of them? R: Talk good. R: Mannerism and behaviors and so on. M: And what did you learn from your parents? R: The same values. M: But there might be some difference in the values. Because generation wise the thought process also changes. For instance, today’s generation is very ambitious which not the case was in earlier days. So similarly the soap has got some qualities which the father does not have. R: I can not think of any such quality.Every thing is the same. M: Okay. You said that first the soap came and then came the shampoo. So what was it in soap which made them think to start with shampoo? R: The results of soap were good in the market. So they thought of starting with shampoo. M: That is what I want to know when you say good results. What are those USP for which it was able to create a market for himself? R: The interest to create or make something new, the innovative ideas and the confidence. R: First they were making for skin and then they came to hair. M: That is what I want to know that why did they migrate from skin to hair?For such things you need that confidence to change completely from one field to another. R: That is what we are trying tot ell that they got success in making and marketing of soap, so they got that confidence to make shampoos as well. M: Let me give one example to you. Suppose tomorrow Lifebuoy or Dettol, whose soaps are already there in the market, they come up with shampoos, will you buy them with same interest? R: No, not at all. Because it is an international brand. R: Not just that, it is mild, no chemicals, no after effect and things like that.So what ever thought is there in our mind for the soap, the same exist for the shampoos as well. M: So what are those? R: No hair damage, gives shinning to hair and the way soap nourishes skin, it will also nourish the hair. M: What do you think? R: Hair is also a part of the body. So if it can take so good care of skin, then it can also take good care of hair. R: Over all grooming depends on both but not just skin or hair alone. Both should be in good looking and healthy condition. M: I want to know what it is common for both soap and shampoo in terms of effects on hair and skin. R: Keeps hair soft and smooth, no hair fall.

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