The Market Team Samsung

The Marketing Team Samsung has its marketing team which named Global Marketing Team. The team alone is breaking down into three layers: Marketing Strategy team, Regional Strategy team and Product Strategy team. Marketing Strategy team’s main task is to develop global marketing strategy; that is, to develop marketing strategy in international-wide. The core message that the company wanted to convey should be shown inside every promotional activities international-wise.Regional Strategy team’s job is to continuing the task from Marketing Strategy team and breaking it down into regional level. One effort that applicable in United States doesn’t mean that it will reap the same success when being implemented in Japan. It would be Regional Strategy team’s task to develop strategy in term of regional demographics.

Product Strategy team is the frontline of the whole team. Conducting market research, gathering the information and analyzing information about competitors are their daily task. The Market Intelligence. How cool is that?Market Driven Change In the past, Samsung’s effort was promoting by its own way which resulted in cluttered information, unclear company and brand image and confused consumers. Several years after that, came along a blockbuster movie called ‘The Matrix’ and Samsung thought that it was the perfect time for them to get off the dust from their shoulder and going hip. Having the slogan ‘DigitAll – Everyone’s Invited’, Samsung focused more on customer’s insights into new-product development process and cooperated with Warner Bros. for product replacement at ‘The Matrix’.I know it was a huge success because once Neo said on the phone “I’m in” I got that urge of I-havta-hav-dat-phone.

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What’s Next? The usual question at every case study. What’s next? Samsung has going through a long way and they realize that they need to develop more within this tight competition. Their closest competitor, LG, is doing it the rough way. Come on, that cooperation with Prada didn’t mean anything to you? You must be crazy.

In this much more demanding market, Samsung should be able to be strong and understand the market more.


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