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Last updated: March 6, 2019

There are marketing scenarios in which an increase in supply of goods (sometimes services) is inevitable.

Such cases can also influence how the market demand and the prices of the commodity will perform. In the aspect of the market demand, obviously, every unit which needs to be sustained for every consumer will be fulfilled. Since supplies are enough, there will be no problems in supporting the needs of the end users. On the part of the price, a particular commodity will tend to drop to a value which will only be limited by independent merchant assessments. In general, the more supplies there are, the cheaper the prices.

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The US dollar currency is the prime unit which runs the domain of international market transactions. If there is a current devaluation of the US dollar versus other currencies, the economy can expect to have a decline in performance of different sectors. The stock market will approach a stagnant status since investors will only be able to buy less and less shares due to the weak value per unit of the dollar. Another scenario is that international markets will be able to purchase supplies from the US using relatively less of their local currencies in exchange for a unit of dollar, thus giving them an advantage in trading (possibly against US based competitors).An interest rate is an additional value of money charged at a specific loan transaction. Sometimes, it also reflects how a value of a commodity or service has changed prior to the previous time frame measurement. Decreasing the interest rates in various domestic and international transactions will eventually take toll to the earning capability of the entire economy.

For example, if the US has provided a loan for an Asian country, cutting the interest rate for such loan will not meet the optimum level of profit the government should be getting.


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