Mcdonald to Foreign Market

Fast-food chains like McDonald’s cultivate customer loyalty by offering similar experiences at all their stores. Discuss how much you think McDonald’s can let franchise owners in international locations experiment before it risks losing the consistency it relies on for its competitive advantage. McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of hamburger in the fast food business, so it is not a surprise that its brand develop customer loyalty.Being from Africa, I rather take the example on my city Libreville where the population is already aware of McDonald’s and the kind of products and services they offer. At first what could be a problem is the price, but I am sure that it will be an absolute success because of the uniqueness of McDonald’s flavor compared to our local products, but also food such as nugget, bagel, smoothies or shakes are barely known.A McDonald’s franchise owner in my city might experiment a comparative advantage to another party that have the ability to offer similar products and services cheaper and with local food, because of the freshness of the food mixed European flavor.

But then again most consumers would be attracted to McDonald’s burgers and services and the longtime fast food critic over caloric content, Tran’s fats, and portions size could actually represent advantages. O Offering delivery to McDonald’s customers was a hit in Cairo and many other cities. Discuss why this idea may or may not work in your community.

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I don’t think that offering delivery would be an hit in my community, because the infrastructure won’t allow it, also the time that the “Fast food” reach destination it will be too late, and reach given the cultural difference it will be weird to have an stranger bring you food while you can go get it yourself. I will definitely not advice offering delivery services to McDonald’s customer because other factors such as: •Fake orders and people calling to make jokes •Robbery , drivers can be easy target •High phone rates and very low internet for domestic usage


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