How to measure performance in productivity

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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Performance in productivity is measured through professionalism which involves offering high quality service which is client focused and giving advice to employee on how to improve the products or services.

The service offered should fulfill the need of the customers so that at the end of it all, the organization can be able to generate revenue from customers and retain it.The organization should respond to requests of customers in an appropriate manner and at the right time without any delay in the time frame set between when the goods are ordered and when they are supposed to be delivered to customer premises. Things should always be done in the right way to ensure that good customer service is offered which should include good hospitality, and approaching customers in a polite manner and communicating to them all the time.How to measure performance in personnel developmentPersonnel development is measured by the way the organization recruits its staff based on the level of education and work experience.

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There is the next step of hiring the employees who meet the requirements of the organization. The employees are trained in order to do the duties that are assigned to them in the right manner. Once they get experience with the job, they are retained in the organization because they are highly qualified and are provided with special education in order to gain more knowledge and skills required for them to be more resourceful.

How to measure performance in employee attitudeAccurate records of employees should be kept based on direct observation specifying the date, time and circumstances under which the employee did something worthy. For example an employee might arrive early and leave late and at the end of the day work more than the others. Honest time frame for all employees should be kept on when they should begin and when to finish their duties.

The employee behavior should be monitored from a specific site and the facts and objectives of individuals should be noted down all the time. This should form a basis for further training and development and useful for compensation and decision for placement.REFERENCEZairi Mohammed; measuring performance; Springer; l994  


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